A Warriors Chance III

(Third Part)

After Gabrielle's recovering; the three get out of the woods, in the way Xena told them her talk with Artemis.

"I don't understand, what's the point?" asked Gabrielle.

"I still without understanding, the part of that maybe was a gift of the gods or the goddess" replied Xena.

"I think that is a ditty" say Joxer.

"Well obviously we know that is a riddle" replied Gabrielle.
"But what's the meaning, maybe if you go with Artemis and ask her.."

"No she told me that I must discover that by myself" said Xena.

"Well but it's enough of talking about my problem, first things first, we'll go to the town of Ally, and I'll kill the one that killed our friend."

"We're going for revenge?" said the bard.

"Yes, to revenge a friend...said the warrior angry.

The next day was a beautiful morning, the air was soft, and the weather was very comfortable. Xena arose with a hard and cold sight; she had been thinking all the night in revenge Ally, she took her sword and swings her chackram, she awoke Gabrielle and Joxer. Gabrielle was frightened, she knew that Xena maybe can't win the battle, she trust in her a lot, but the fear was hidden deeply I her eyes.

Xena arrived to the Village, and enters to the inn and shouts:

"Hi everybody I'm searching the brother of a girl that her name was Ally, somebody know him?"

"Xena, the warrior princess, I'm flattered that you are searching me" answer sarcastically a man in a corner.

"Well here you're, can you tell me your name" said the warrior seriously.

"I'm Gonn, Ally was my sister, I hope she's dead"

"You, bastard" cried Xena.
"I'm going to kill you" Xena.

"Stop talking and fight, your skills are a legend, but I think that with a little help of the gods I can win you; specially with my master...Ares"

Ares appeared and said, "Xena sorry, but you handled me to this point, I tell you many times to come with me but you refused....
Xena looked hardly with a lot of hatred, but she calmed immediately, she knew that she have to focus in the battle.

"I thought a lot, maybe this is the part that Artemis told me, the gift of the gods"

"I don't know anything 'bout Artemis, but yes maybe this is a gift" said Ares.

Then Ares commanded to Gonn to kill the warrior, this answers immediately, he approaches slowly to Xena, draw his sword and attacked her without advise, Xena quickly draw her sword and avoid his attack.
Then she attacked very fast, the young answer her attack by a strong hit with his sword, Xena kicked it and Gonn dropped the sword; he gazed and hit the warrior in the stomach, Xena gets out of breath, but she refused to give up.

Xena made a flip and stands behind Gonn, after these she kicked him in the back Gonn cried of pain; but then these took Xena and throw her in a table, obviously the table broke, Xena has a little string of blood coming from her mouth, Gonn was also hurt he was injured in the head, but no one wanted to give up.

Xena rose, lifted her sword and said "uffff, you're a thought enemy"

"You too but I must kill you" answered Gonn while he was lifting his sword.

Xena spit some blood, and with the head injured asked: "Why you killed your own sister"

"Well that is a weird thing, fist I didn't wanna see her happy, then I hated her for have as a friend the murdered of our parents, and finally well I know that you liked her, and why not to kill her, just for seeing you a little bit insane..."

"You bastard, Your sister was one of the best people I've ever know, and also she loved you" said Xena with the voice breathless, of sorrow.

"Well she was a sentimental fool, only that the feelings make you is become weak that's also why I killed her ja, ja, ja" answered Gonn.

This was the end of Xena's patience, she attacked him with out focus.
Gabrielle looked hesitated because she looked the restless, and hatred sight of her friend. She looked worried Joxer was frightened of the battle, he was stunned.

Xena strikes Gonn with her sword and hit him in the stomach, he smiled and hit her in the face (Xena split some blood with the kick). Xena swan her sword, but in that moment Gonn attacked her so strong that Xena's sword broke...Gabrielle ran to help her friend Joxer tried to stop her, but the warrior flipped back made a signal of stop with her bleeding hand and shouted while she was breathing hardly "Gabrielle stop, this is between he and me"
The bard stopped and with a worried face said the follow while Xena was fighting hand-hand against Gonn " Xena let the pride out of this and let me help you, please"

"Sorry Gabrielle I must do this, because.... Because Ally's death is my fault" cried Xena with tears in her eyes.

"Xena that's not your fault you didn't killed her" shout the bard with Joxer at her side.

"I finally understood what Artemis want to say me..." but before Xena can finish Gonn throw her to the other side...Gabrielle was stunned...

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