A Warriors chance II

(Second Part)

But in the right moment Xena was going to give up herself, a little light of hope appeared; he was Joxer that run when he saw Xena in the floor, and Gabrielle coloured with blood.
He doesn't recognise the girl, but he knew only with looking her state that she will die.

He approaches with fear and checked Xena´s pulse, his face full with glee when he realises that she was still alive, unconscious but alive, then he hurry to check Gabrielle, she was alive, but hardly injured.

The tears became to flow through his eyes, his heart was tearing up; but he react and go with fear to check the girl and his face revealed a terrible inner pain, the girl was death.

He didn't know her but feel a deep sad for the death of someone so young.
He left Xena and put her in Argo; then he carried them to a village nearby...

The eyes of Xena opened slowly and say quietly and with the voice cut:

" Gabrielle...Where's she"She groaned

"Ahhhh. My back hurts, where's Ally"

Joxer give himself some strength, he held Xena's hand and tell her slowly:

"Xena, Gabrielle is alright, I don't know if she will survive, she's very, very hurt, damn oh boy! I despite to tell you these but the girl that was with Gabrielle is death"

Xena replies with tears in her eyes " No, no it can't be she saved us.... No I can't believe it"

Joxer told her " Xena calm, please now you must be calmed, and you must focus in healing yourself, and in saving Gabrielle"

Xena was crying she liked a lot Ally, she begin to love her as a daughter, after a lot of time of complaining, she noticed that the only people that left in her life were Joxer and Gabrielle, and she was dying too.

In the night the body of Ally was burned like if she were the best warrior that the world would ever had.

She tried to stand up but she couldn't; Joxer run to where she was lying and tell her: "Xena you can't stand up now, your back is hurt I tried to help you but the wound was very big.. you must stay like these for a few days"

"Joxer thanks, you're a good friend maybe I never tell you that I appreciate you but you're one of the best people I've ever met"

"Thanks" said Joxer with a cut voice.
"How's Gabrielle" said Xena

"She's getting better" said Joxer with fear in his voice

"Tell me the truth" replied Xena weakly, "It doesn't matter if it's wrong just tell me"

"She is terribly injured, I don't wanna tell you but I brought a doctor yesterday and he didn't give me good expectations"

The heart of Xena was splitting and in her troat was a rope she couldn't breath well and her heat was beating very fast, she couldn't resist more and a tear run trough her cheek, then began to cry in a desperating way.

In the night she had a lot of nightmares she dreamed that she look Gabrielle and Ally alive and safe they were in a beach; but then a large fire spread to all the sand and Xena fell through a hole and her friends began to burn; Xena awake with her heath hesitated and she realises that she if she would trust more in the people, like with Ally, maybe she would be alive.

Ally was a girl that only want to have a chance to be a warrior and that was something very sad; Xena remembers all the moments that the tree had together, also all the things Ally learned and she remembered her amazing skills for her age.

Then a word crossed her mind Gabrielle, she must help Gabrielle; she tried to stand up, an intense pain was in her back but she ignored it, she went to see Gabrielle, she hadn't see her since the day of the battle. She noticed that she had a hole in her side, maybe made with a dagger, her face was white, and her face revealed weakness and emptiness.

A great idea crossed her head, she awake Joxer immediately and tell him with excitement:
"I know what we can do to help Gabrielle, we must search the ambrosia"

"The ambrosia??" said Joxer.

"Yes, if we go for it we can cure Gabrielle" said Xena with light in her eyes.

Xena asked Joxer to stay with Gabrielle for a while, only for the time she would be absent searching the ambrosia, Joxer agree; and then Xena mount Argo and leave to the Sanctuary of Ambrosia.

In the travel she remembers a debt she had, a debt with Ally, but first thing fist so she went to the sanctuary, she had a weird sense, she draw her sword and enter quietly, then Artemis appeared in front of her.

" Hi warrior"

"Hi Artemis" said Xena with a relief.
"Why you're here" asked Xena

"Better ask yourself that...said Artemis

" I'm here because I need the ambrosia to save my best friend....said Xena sadly.

"No that's not all.....tell me the truth...yes I know that you don't believe much in us, but this time talk with me like a friend" answers Artemis gently

"Well also I came here for a bit of reflection....look lost someone very special..said Xena ashamed and with the voice cut.

" Let me guess....Ally..."replies Artemis with a sweet smile.

"Yes, how do you know...never mind you're a good"

"Yes, I'm a god but I can tell you that I admire you, maybe you've more strength and more love than any other god"

"I'm flattered...but I have a terrible inner pain and I don't know why...I tried to do the best to save her live also Gabrielle's life..but It wasn't enough" answers Xena immediately.

"No I think that in the deepest part of your heart you know the answer but maybe you don't wanna admit it or say it"

"I don't understand you...what I don't know" say worried Xena.

"You must discover it by yourself ,maybe the lost of your friend was a gift of the gods or goddess" said Artemis like a riddle

"what....ehhhhhh" said Xena with a hesitating face
" Look Artemis I respect you a lot but I've enough about riddles I travel once to a very weird land with a lot of music, ditties, etc" (illusia)

" Yep that's right but finally you learned something now you've to learn something more important, you have to know yourself..deeply and you've to discover something that will help you next" said Artemis calmed and a little sarcastic.

"But......" said Xena immediately, but Artemis has gone.

She were a little confused about this talk but she continued her way to the ambrosia, she enter in a big room, that has a big hole in the middle of it the only was to get up was by a chain that was hanging in the roof; she holds it and immediately a pair of arrows were shot she catch one and avoid the other by hanging herself only with her legs.

"Damn! I hate when that happens" said Xena with a sarcastic face

Her eyebrow rise when she noticed that at the bottom of the floor were big sticks, she thought "Seems that here don't like visitors"

After that she continued going up and then she arrived to the top in the top there was a small hole exactly in the middle of the roof, she enter carefully and saw another floor and the end she saw a small but intense light; she walk carefully, when she was near of the light she saw the ambrosia.

"There we go again" mumbled to herself.

She reached the ambrosia and put a few in a bag she was carrying, then she found at the end of the room a gate, she entered through it and discovered that she was at the end of the temple; with a smile she mount Argo and go in a hurry to where Gabrielle was.

She arrived to the camp and found Joxer, he said "By the gods you arrived almost late, Gabrielle is alive but is getting worse I think that she have a wound in the left lung.. But now that you're here everything will be alright, no?"

"Of course Joxer, I wanna to thank you of help us and for burry my friend"

"It look that you appreciate her a lot" said Joxer with a cute face.

"Yes she was part of our lives and also she was a good friend" said Xena with the sight ashamed.

"But what happened, why did she die?" asked Joxer

"Because I don't...never mind" said Xena

"Because of what?" asked Joxer

"I can't say it, not now, also I need time to think of something that happened to me in the temple" replied the warrior.

"What happened to you.."

"I can't say it now, first I have to think the reason, I'll tell you later; but first where's Gabrielle"

"She's resting, behind the fire" answer Joxer.

"Okay let's give her this" said the warrior in a hurry.

"Is that the ambrosia??" asked in an incredulity tone.

Xena approaches slowly, "I'm here" said to Gabrielle in a gentle tone, she noticed the blood in her face and in her right side, that scene made her that her body full with anger and with sad, she touches Gabrielle's face gently, and put Gabrielle's face in her legs, then she get our the ambrosia and give to her slowly, the warrior's eyes full with joy when she saw that the eyes of the bars began to open, she opened the eyes slowly and say quietly "Xena are you alright?"

"You're always worrying about me" say Xena with the happiness in her eyes.

"Gabrielle" cried Joxer with tears in his eyes.

"Joxer I'm glad to see you" said the bard with joy in her eyes.

"Xena, where's Ally?" asked Gabrielle.

"I'd better let you alone" said Joxer.

"Gabrielle, Ally is dead....."

"No, by the gods why ?" said Gabrielle with her heart hurt.

" I don't know but this things happen.....no, I know why all this happened, but I'm going to avenge her." Said the warrior with fire in her eyes....

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