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A Warrior's Chance

First Part

INTRODUCTION: Gabrielle and Xena awake, the week have been difficult; they were tired and they had to listen to Joxer all the night, singing his song, Xena was about to killed him, but she needed to rest and with out an advise she fell asleep.


The next day Xena awoke and with out thinking, awake Gabrielle; they left Joxer alone and hurry they continue their way to Corinto.

They were talking in the woods when Xena felt something weird in the environment, she felt danger among them, and with out thinking she throw her chackram, it bounces in a tree and gets in some bushes, them they hear a cry.

Xena run to the bushes and find a girl, a teenager, she told her why she was following them and the girl answered "I wanna be trained by you", Xena refuses "I don't have time for child games".

" Xena why don't you give her a chance say Gabrielle with a gentle tone, Xena answers more calmed
" Really I don't have time to train you also you are almost a kid"

The girl answers "my name is Ally and I am not a child I had a previous training but when I know that you were near I couldn't resist it, I think I must go there, and I want that you to be my mentor, please give me a chance look if I beat the blonde may you train me?". Xena´s eyebrow rised as a won challenge and with the strong idea of the win of Gabrielle she agreed.

" Okay but if my friend win you, you'll go to your home"

"But if I won you must train me, Do I have your word?" replied Ally

"Ok you have my word" say Xena in a boring tone.

"Say it with more enthusiasm" answered Ally.

"Okay, okay you have my word" say Xena with a false smile and with a sarcastic tone.

The battle begin but suddenly Xena get amazed of the skills of Ally; specially with the sword, Gabrielle tried to hit her with her staff, but Ally defended herself, she jumped and stand back Gabrielle, then she hit her in the back; then she gazed and kicked her in the ankle, suddenly the calm and secure of Gabrielle turned into a desperating fight.
Gabrielle begins to look tired and her look became daze, but she didn't quit.

Xena looks the dangerous position of Gabrielle so she stopped the fight, Ally in an ambitious voice tone said, " now you must train me"

At the dinner time Gabrielle was amazed so she began to talk with her about her family, but Ally strangely change the subject of the talk; Gabrielle saw this very strange but she didn't take care, Xena still with a unlike sight in Ally because her experience have showed her that all that seems to be perfect have a black spot somewhere.

Every time Gabrielle was talking with Ally, Xena look her like prohibiting her to do that, she was a stranger, Ally seemed to be a good girl, but she was stranger, and she can't trust her so fast.

The next day Xena start to train Ally and she looked up that she learned very fast, she was a good girl so she decided to give her a chance.
In the night they were eating, and something happened that hadn't happened for a lot time; the tree were talking happily and Xena was smiling, she couldn't remember when was the last time she had smiled.

In a extensive training Xena was happy of fighting with a worthy enemy, the battle was awesome, Xena swing her sword forward and attacked Ally, she uses her sword and blocked Xena attack, then Xena jump and kick her in the back and in the face.

"Ouch" Ally cried

"Are ya all right? " asked Xena with a sarcastic and big smile in her face.

"Yep..I'm all right except of the little thing that you broke my nose I'm fine" replied Ally with a dazzy sight for the kick, and with a thick string of blood that was flowing from her nose.

"Wanna continue?" asked Xena

Ally replied with an ambitious face " Of course"

Gabrielle looked with an awesome face, the great improvement of Ally, also she noticed that Xena was happy of fighting, suddenly she changed her look in a serious and worried sight, at the end of the day she talked with Xena

"I'm worried about ya" said Gabrielle with fear in her face.

"Why??" asked Xena with a interrogation face.
"Because I think that you're forgetting about helping the good people and you're only focusing in fighting"

"Whaaat! Replied Xena what are ya talking about?, in which thing you base to say.."

"Let me finish I think that you're more happy fighting with no sense, I wanna ask you if your dark side controls you... if you fight for the good of if you only fight because you like to do it...or if you controls yourself"

" Gabrielle, you know me a lot, best than no one, and yes I can't lie you... I like to fight I recovered something that I lost long ago ..the will of being better every day, of making my best effort, in which I'm best... the fight" replied Xena with a small smile and with a trusty sight.

Gabrielle finally said "Well... If you're happy with that...but promise me something take care of yourself and don't figth with all against Ally, today you broke her nose"

"Upppps that's right maybe I was very excited with the fight...well I promise" said Xena with a little ashamed face.

A bad day they arrived to a village, the face of Ally was very worried, Xena looked something weird about these, but they continue their way.
When they entered to the village a group of people surrounded them, a handsome young man said " Xena warrior Princess, destroyer of nations this is your end" Xena didn't hesitate but she asked why they were trying to attack them.

The guy answered, "sister why you're with the murder of our family", Xena get in shock, and ask to Ally if that was true...

Ally only answered " brother she is not the same person that attack our village understand it, now she is a good person believe me let us pass to the next village and will never return", her brother answered " attack them"

Xena, Gabrielle and Ally began to fight, they easily get rid of the villagers, and finally get out of the village.

The return was very quiet, Xena was angry because she trusted in Ally, she considered a friend, and a thing that she can't forgive is that a friend hide things, Ally said " Xena, Gabrielle I'm sorry, I couldn't tell you" , Xena cried " why??? .We trusted in you and you lied us why you never tell us these" Ally answered " I thought that if you know my history you'll never train me", Gabrielle says its okay We're all right nobody gets hurt that the most important thing.

Xena stays with shame and angry in her eyes, but Gabrielle says in a understanding tone "understand her, she want to be our friend and she thinks that if she telled you that you kill.." "Okay I get it" say Xena I'll give her a chance...but inside Xena knows that she can't trust anymore in Ally.

Ally have been arriving late in the night to the place they were staying; Xena was very strange about this situation but she forgot it in few days, the next day they were heading to Athens but a group crossed in their way, the group was headed by the brother of Ally and say "Xena you will not escape now, sister thanks for the info, because of you we were able to put these little tramp"

Xena looked extremely angry and cried with a loud voice tone " I can't believe that you betray us" Ally say with worry in her eyes" no I didn't betrayed you is a lie, believe me , I would never betray you"; "Shut up, that's was the reason because you were arrive late in nights you were planning to betray us" Xena replies.

A new battle began the Xena and Gabrielle were surrounded, and they were attacked, they were too much for them, Xena and Gabrielle could do nothing, Ally replied to her brother:
"That's not true why you're acting like these", her brother whispers to her ear, " If I'm not happy you will be neither I can't believe that you betray us only for be trained by this.... MURDER" Ally attacked them, but was late Gabrielle had been injured a row entered in her stomach, the face of Xena became white, she was afraid, and suddenly Gabrielle falls. Xena runs to where Gabrielle was and quickly called Argos, rescued Gabrielle and head away the town, Xena didn't notice it but Ally was also injured too.

Ally was hide behind a pair of bushes and heard her brother planning an ambuscade to Xena crossing the rift of Corinto; she run to beware Xena; but the mind of Xena was blocked with the idea of losing her best friend, at a short distance Ally was following Xena, she angry and with the with the voice cut by her ripped heart say " leave us alone, go away"
Ally replied with a weak voice " Xena turn to the other side... please go to the right side".

She answered " My best friend is in danger of die because of you, and you dare to tell us another lie, with you brother before I change my opinion of not killing girls or EXFRIENDS" Ally understood the indirect (very direct) and said "okay I'll leave but I never betrayed you please believe me" Xena took her chackram and aim to the neck of Ally " go away " she said with a loud serious and hurt voice.

Ally afraid of the evil sight of Xena run away with her leg hurt, maybe broken, run with all her strength, but suddenly she stopped.

After a couple of hours of being walking in the woods; Xena and the wounded Gabrielle passed through the rift of Corinto, there the group of villagers attack again to Xena, her look was very upset because she know that Gabrielle needed attention and that maybe wasting time in the battle will cause the death of her friend, also she knew that the villagers had been following her for many days and that they won't give up easy, Xena was surrounded she trust her chackram and get rid of few men, but that wasn't enough the were in the middle of a big, and angry crowd.

Xena was very in a hurry; fist Gabrielle was getting worst and then she had a big weight in her shoulders for not believing in Ally, she was replying herself.

She left Gabrielle in Argo and prepared for the battle; she took her sword and defend herself with a lot of skill, she turned her sword and killed someone that will attack her by in the back; with all the struggle she didn't noticed that an archer found a safe target: Gabrielle.

Xena was petrified of fear and didn't see that a man approached with a knife, when she saw that the archer was going to shot she cried "nooooo"; and in at the same time she groaned of pain, because she had been injured in the back, with out noticing it; she was weak, she tried to defend herself, looking physically and inner with a lot of pain for Gabrielle

But before the arrow crosses Gabrielle's heart Ally appeared and put her as shield. Xena were stunt because she never thought that Ally could give her life for a friend, and also because she didn't want the death of Ally because of Gabrielle.

Ally with out strength fell down, Xena angry with herself of not trusting in her, made her last effort, she took her chackram and threw it, this knock out many villagers and with her last forces whistled Argo.

Crawling for their lives Xena took Ally and put her in the other side of Argo the she hold herself from Argo and go away from the rift.

After hours of travel Xena fell from Argo, weak and sad, she got unconscious...

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