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Dislcaimer:"All of the water reserves of Xena and Gabrielle were used as tears in the production of this amateur FF"




It has already passed over a year, it seems so unreal, sometimes i think this is still a nightmare that someone did us...but i suddenly I realize that is reality. Why I let her do that? For the first time I know I should have followed my heart and my wishes agains the greater good. I can't believe what i just made some weeks ago, in my last trip to Amphipolis.

The bard was in a campfire, crying like everynight since the day she was alone, she felt the tears burn her heart, and she focussed her sight on the fire that danced before her.

"I can't" she wispered.

"Of course you can...don't give up" said a shadow at her side.

"Xena...i can't believe in me...I....I want to die..." she cried at the warrior who saw her. "Gabrielle don't ever think about you have a life ahead, you have so much to do"

"I don't have a life! You are my life....I have tried to go on...but i simply i can't it's like i can't breathe, as simple as that I am dying with out the end I realized that I loved you more than anything..."

"Don't think about it have much good to do...and somewhere in time we'll be together"

"No! I don't want I want this life, and I want you..."

"I'm know I can't return..."

"Yes I know that you care more about a bunch of strangers....than me"

"Never said that"

"No it's the truth you once told me that i meant to you more than the greater good...that was a left me..and you didn't care how I'd be feeling.."

"Gabrielle don't do know I care you know I love you...but this was too much...they were a lot of souls, a lot of people I hurt."

"Damn it! You didn't do it on purpose, Akemi lied to you, she used you and all was a fucking accident...and you prefered to stay there with her rather than technically killed yourself..."


"Of course you just never considered it...and now I have to be the god damned warrior that you taught me"

"I'm sorry"

"No Xena I am sorry....i lost everything in this world, I lost you...and it feels worse with you here dancing as a spirit...first i thought i was blessed because you died but i could still touch you, talked to you...but now is like a curse, i have you at my reach but you are not here and that brokes my heart everytime i remember you are dead..."

"i understand you..."

"NO YOU DON'T!... i cant move don't understand me you don't understood all the pain that is remembering."

"DON'T YOU THINK I FEEL THE SAME? That everything seems at my reach but at the same time I'm attached to another world, that i can't see you after every sunset, that i have nothing to do on the other side...that I can not feel you?"

"Xena, i know i let you stay dead...but I'm not going to do it now...i don't care what i have to do..."

"If you do something those souls will be lost!"

"So be it"

"Gabrielle, it's like i'm not talking to you...remember that the greater good is first"

"I don't care about the greater good, for first time in my life i want to do what i want....we have sacrificed ourselfs thousands of times just for the greater Xena, I'M NOT GOING TO DO IT AGAIN"

"Gabrielle you are not thinking straight...i think we should stop before we say something we don't mean..." after that the warrior dissapeared,

"I'll do what ever is necessary to restore you!" the bard shouted loudly.


Xena remained in the spiritual relam, knowing that most of what Gabrielle said was truth, but again she couldn't return...not if those souls will be condeemed, she has to found a way to save those souls, and to return to the mortal realm before Gabrielle makes a mistake that will cost them their lives and the souls of the 40, 000.

The bard on the other side was thinking of what she could do to restore Xena, suddenly an idea came to her mind, "Ares!"

Suddenly the god of war appeared in a flash of light in front of her.

"Gabrielle...what do you want?"

"I ...I thinked in the proposition you gave me"

"Oh yeah?"

"Yes, and I accept"

"You'll be my warrior?

"I'll be yours if you revive Xena"

"I like the deal, I'm gonna think about it, i'm going to talk to the Jap gods so they can do something about the give me the ashes"

"Yes, Ares"

"Gab, now call me master and wait till I call you" after this the god dissapeared while laughing.

"I can't believe you made this" said a pink glow


"You sold your soul! And to Ares....i can't believe it....Ares hasn't changed believe me..."

"I had no choice...i will do anything for her"

"Do you think she'll be happy when she know what you have done? He can do anything...."

Ares appeared in front of Xena "Come on we are leaving"

"Ares...."What do you want?"

"You heard me we are leaving"

"you must be joking..."

"No...I made a deal with the irritating blonde..."

"What?" after that ares touched her and she fell unconsious.

In his temple he began a ritual to revive Xena, he put Xena's ashes in front of him and his hands began to glow, then he touched the ashes and the room filled with light.


The days passed and Ares called Gabrielle to his temple, she arrived and knet before him

"You call me...master?"

"Yes...i want you to be the first person to witness this"

From one corner the warrior princess emerged, Gabrielle was mute, her jaw was dropped and she just smiled not believing what her eyes were seeing, she rushed towar her friend and hugged her.

"Xena" she whispered sinking in the feeling of being able to touch her friend again.

A horrible revelation came to the bard "Who are you?"

"Gabrielle, you said you'll do everything to bring Xena i took the liberty of erase her memories about you, and to keep her for myself"

"You bastard!"

"Calm down shorty" he said hugging Xena and kissing her "have fun" after them both dissapeared, Gabrielle couldn't believe ares had doublecrossed her.

"Nooooooooo!!!" she shouted.


"Aprodite....i need your help"

"I saw what ares did to you..."

"Help me...i need to get her back...full back"

"I can't give her memories back...but don't can do it"


"If you make her remember you at little...i help her to remember you...and also i will give something that Hephestus did to control Ares, this time he got out of limits"

"Thanks...but do you really think, that she'll remember me?"

"Of course, a god can not erase the memories, they just block can make it, it impossible for me to think that the greatest love i have seen is gonna be split apart by a selfish god."

"thanks, but now i need to get near her...and that is gonna be difficult"


"Ares come here!!" the bard shouted at his temple.

"What do you want Gabrielle, I'm in the middle of something you know?" he said appearing with his bare torso showing

Gabrielle immediately knew what Xena and Ares were doing, but she knew it wasn't Xena's fault...well not all "Ares you are right...I'd do anything to get her i agree with this thing you did...just let me stay here..."

Ares suspiced but he knew that Gabrielle could do nothing against him "Ok i know that you'll sacrifice yourself for her, so bad that you are in love with her and that she doesn't remember now you both are gonna to be on my army, first thing is that I am gonna take revenge on that be prepared, ah if you can Gabrielle join a small army, see you later" and then he dissapeared.

Gabrielle's plan was working perfectly, he won Ares trust, she was near Xena, and she has Xena alive again, so the only thing she needed was to talk to her and see if she'll remember her.


The next day Gabrielle made a small army and saw Xena comming out of the temple full armored.

"You joined them?" the warrior princess asked almost in a totalitary voice, Gabrielle has heard this voice tone few times and one was when she was empress, she was happy of seeing her alive but she was hurted that she didn't remember her, she extended her hand for an armshale "Yes, my name is Gabrielle"

'My name is Gabrielle...teach me everything you have to take me with you' the warrior's mind echoed, she dismissed this and ofer her hand "Xena" when they handshaked an electric touch came to both of them, Gabrielle tought that it was because of her nerves but Xena felt like a deja-vu, deeper on her spirit she knew that this woman was special, and as strangely as it may sound ishe felt like she has known her before, but now she didn't have time for social tasks, Ares commanded her to made an army, the greatest army the world had seen.

"Do you have knowledge of weapons?" the warrior asked.

"Yes I know how to use the staff, sword and my current ones" showing her sais to the warrior, who was smiling she didn't know why but she felt comfortable with Gabrielle.

"Ok, so first things first teach them the basic movements of staff and sword, later when they have the idea i'll teach them hand- hand combat...i suppose you know that too dont's you?"

"Yes, i know"

"It seems that you had a great teacher"

"The best" she said with proud.

"Ok so see you in a few candlemarks"

"See you Xena" the blonde whispered looking the tall warrior heading to another group of the army, in the last second before she turned her back she saw Xena looking back at her keenly, the bard watched this and in that moment she would swore that the warrior blushed but she dismissed this, thinking that it was a creation of her fertile imagination.

Xena arrived to the men "I'm Xena...i'm going to teach you how to be soldiers...understood?"

"Yes" all said at unison.

Gabrielle listened this "she was always a the end.." then she began teaching the men how to fight, first staff sparirng, some demostrations, some combats between her and some men, they practiced a lot the basical movements until all have moreless the idea. They spend more candlemarks sparring with each other and Gabrielle saw what they didn't have idea where the strike was gonna hit them.

"No, you are all are not listening to your enemy you are not using your senses....someone taught me that you have to listen with your body and after that you have to listen what is behind the sounds...think about it"

"That sounds good....i presumme your teacher told you that" said the warrior princess stainding behind her, looking at her with admirement. "Do you wanna test that theory?"

Gabrielle was taken aback with this, she has never fought openly against Xena but she coudn't deny it "As you wish..."

The combat between them began, Xena attacking first, she swong her staff attacking at Gabrielle fastly, the bard defended from every stroke the warrior attempted, Xena was amazed by the agile bard, she taunted her "Come and get some!"

Gabrielle was relieved to see that althought Xena didn't reminded her, she was still herself.

The match was becoming faster, until Gabrielle hit Xena's legs and she fell backwards, everyone cheering at the triumph of the bard when suddenly the warrior still on th ground move her leg kicking Gabrielle to the ground also.

She rose "Nice match Gabrielle...but remember something never celebrate ahead of time" after that she help Gabrielle to stand, she looked at the bard's face and to her eyes and she was out of breath, she has never seen her eyes so deeply..she didn't noticed that was still holding the bard's hand."I'm...I'm sorry...see you later" then she get out.

Gabrielle was happy aprodite was right, she was beggining to remember. She continued with her men and they resumed their trainning.

Xena was walking without direction "What the hell happened there...i i feel suddenly warm, the touch of Gabrielle is wondeful...what am i saying...stop it....don't think about it..." she was discussing with herself until Ares appeared before her.

"Hello my warrior queen" he said kissing her passionately.

"Ares" she said kissing him back.

"How are my troops?"

"they look strong...intelligent and the most important: with will" she answered caressing his chest.

"Good...when you think we can take that island?"

"I don't know at this rate maybe in a pair of months..."

"You have two weeks" the god ordered

"Why so little time?" Xena asked straightining herself, the god hide his idea but the truth was because if the battle was soon he could dismiss the irritating blonde. "Because we have more important things to do...and because I know you can teach them fastly..."

"Yes, and more with Gabrielle's help" she added

The god seemed annoyed "Yes...with Gabrielle" with a false smirk.

Xena wanted to ask him about Gabrielle but for some reason she knew she couldn't talk with him about her, the days passed and the army grew larger and stronger considerably. The time has arrived to attack Japa and they head to that land, Gabrielle was one night thinking about Japan at a campfire, Xena saw this and sited behind her."What happen to you?"

"Nothing....i was just thinking about the last time I went to Japa..." with a loneliness and a sadness that Xena hasn't seen.

"You've been there before?"


"i asumme that it was not comfortable..."

"No...there i lost everything...I lost the person I loved the most...I lost my hopes, and my reason to live."

"What gave you hope again?"

The bard was about to say 'you' but she think on a better thing "That i have the chance to seeing her again"

The warrior didn't miss the femenim pronoun, and instictively smiled "..well get ready because tomorrow is gonna be the big day"

Gabrielle get herself ready to the battle, she still had the armour of the last encounter, she put it on and for the first time attached the chakram to her waist, Xena entered to her tent and saw the chakram, immediately she had hundreds of flashbacks with her and the chackram, she put her hands on her head and clenched her teeth and fell to her knees the headache was too powerful, but she knew that those were not illusions...they were memories, Gabrielle went to her "Are you okay?" she asked worried.

"Yes i had some illusions...can i touch it?" she asked pointing to the metal object, Gabrielle looked at it and handed to her.

The warrior touched it and feel the familiar object in her hands, instantly she knew it was a weapon and she also knew how to use it, she throw it against a tree; it bounced through several weapons and finally came back Xena catch it in the middle of the air.

" very strange...i know this but i don't remember"

Gabrielle knelt and caressed her face, it broke her heart to see the desperation, anger, and fear in the warrior eyes "You'll remember...believe me" she leaned to kiss the warrior, the dark one closed her eyes all her body trembling she was anticipating from this moment since she saw the bard when someone shouted outside, that broke the atmosphere, they turned and went outside, "they are comming!"

Some scouts came and told them that the Army of Samurais were heading toward them. Ares appeared in front of all and his voice as strong as a thunder sounded "We are gonna KILL'EM prisioners!"

Everyone cheared, and with this all the army prepared for the battle, Xena moved Gabrielle to the back of the army, she didn't want her new friend be murdered. Xena organized all the troops and they waited for them. In a few minutes they saw a big army in front of them thousands of samurais, all pointing their bows to them.

They shoot and the sky covered with dark arrows, everyone protected themselves with their shields and then without giving the Japs a reload they attacked, they threw some smoke bombs and the battle begun, the samurais were very skilled soldiers and were slaughtering everymen they could, but Xena's army was strong they fought, and the battle was balancing by a thin line, Xena and Gabrielle fought back to back, they were fighting like if they were one, same movements, reading each other thoughts and slashing enemies at equal, a soldier pointed his bow against Xena this one was busy fighting three samurais at the same time and didn't saw the man behind her, Gabrielle heard the arrow and blocked it with her body, Xena was shocked to feel the bard hitting her to the ground, but the shock became fear when she saw the arrow in the shorter shoulder, "Gabrielle.."she whispered, fearful, this one smiled caressing the warriors face, "I...I coudn't let you die here again" then she fell unconsious.

Xena felt another wave of flashbacks, this ones of another battle same to this, she dressed on a golden armor, fighting to an entire army, she remembered the arrows in her body, and the battle with them, she remembered calling Gabrielle with every swing of her sword and she remembered a man in front of her handing a katana and giving her a final blow..."If i have 30 seconds to live...i want to live them looking in your eyes"..."Even in death Gabrielle ...we'll be together" "....the right, the final, the good thing to do"..."I can't come back"...."To the place i'll always remain..your heart" she opened her eyes and finally knew that she has know Gabrielle, she knew that se cared about her, and that she loved her, her mind was still fuzzy. She rose, and killed her enemies then she gave the order with a hate filled voice "Burn them!" in that instant some men shoot fire arrows toward the samurais who haven't noticed that the ground was soaked with greek fire, a big explosion happened and everyone was out of there, Xena took the bard in her arms, and moved to a safe spot.


She saw the wound, and felt relieved that it wasn't mortal...she cleaned it, and stay all night with the bard, suddenly the god of war lightened "Congratulations my queen! You have destroyed that annoying samurais...I'm proud of you"

Xena wanted to kick him out of there but she suspected that he has something to do with her memories so she remained silent about the subject.

"Hmmm i see that Gabrielle was wounded..." he was about to dissapear when Xena command him "Heal her"

This took aback the god "Wha...what are you talking about?"

"You heard me...heal her" said the warrior seriuous.

The god answered "don't tell me that you care for her"

Xena lied "'s not's just that she was wounded to protect me...that's all" it was truth after all.

The god heard this and he just put a hand in front of the bard, a purple glow apear in her and her wound began to close "Done...see you back in greece ok?"

"Yes...but first I want to tear this land on little pieces you would like that?" the warrior asked smiling evily.

"Do it!" he answered fastly happy that her blood lust was returned.

The god dissapeared and Xena changed her face, the bard became to awake, she opened her eyes, and didn't recognize the place.

Xena knelt immediately in front of her

"Xena" she whispered. "Are we dead?"

"No" she answered holding the bard's hand to her face and smiling. "I don't know why...but i'm having kind of flashbacks about me... and in fact"

"They are memories..." the bard began to sob "Memories from when we were together...before all this..."

Xena asked fearful knowing the answer already "Before I died?"

The bard just nooded.

"So it's true I died here.."

"Xena how you remembered all of this?" asked the bard surprised.

"I saw my death on that battle...and i joined the dots when you told me your story about your first time here..." Xena sitted beside the bard's bed, Gabrielle straightened herself "Wait...take it easy Gabrielle" said the warrior still fearful of Gabrielle's health, holding the bards hands tighter "I'm okay Xena" continued the bard honestly, squeezing the taller hands, Gabrielle saw that beautiful eyes and her heart skip a beat, she began to breath faster, Xena was lost in the bard's face, the bard couldn't avoid it and bring Xena's face to her, her hands cupped the warrior's face, both breathing heavily getting closer until their lips met, Xena closed her eyes and more memories came to her, she sank in the flooding sensation, Gabrielle let all her feelings go, she had been strong a lot of time, she kissed Xena again but now putting all her love on the touch.

"I love you Xena" the blonde admitted

"I love you, Gabrielle" with this Ares spell was broken and Xena gain her memory back, she opened her eyes after the million of flashbacks and now her eyes were more the eyes that Gabrielle knew, they were full of love.

And finally the warrior said with a voice tone that confirmed that she was full back "Gabrielle..."

The bard broke in tears, hugging Xena "You are back" she said whispering fearing that if she speak loudler she would dissapear "Yes...I'm back" this time Xena leaned gave the bard a heartfelt and deep kiss.

"Great! The old grumpy warrior is back!" said Aprodite apearing in a pink glow.

"Aprodite! What are you doing here?"

"I promised your bard that i'll help you to get rid of Ares if she made you recover your memory"

"Help us? In what?"

"Ares crossed the line this time...he used Gabrielle...some years ago Zeus told Ephestus to make something so powerful that neither a god could destroy.."

"I don't understand"

"Geez you warriors have no patiences isn't?...well he made a tomb for Ares because Zeus knew that somewhere in time he would do something unforgettable...the tomb is still there..."

"So are we gonna trap ares?"

"Yes i think so..."

"How long does that tomb will hold him?"

"Forever if we have luck..." the goddess saw the doubts in both of them "I know you appreciate him...but he's never gonna change and you know it Xena"

"Yes i where's that tomb?"

"Near here...i could take you both to see it"

"Ok..." the bard agreed holding the warriors arm. The three zapped and appeared in a cave, some antorchs were lighting the place and there in the middle was a sarcofagus "What's that?" the warrior asked pointing to a red orb that was on the top of the cave.

"That's the eye of Ephestus...that's what will keep ares forever entombed"

"And how does it works?" the blonde asked, not understanding how that thing will keep the God of War entombed.

"It has some of the power of Zeus inside...when he betrayed us, going at Dahak's side, Zeus ordered Ephestus to make this...and only Xena can used it"

"Why me?"

"Because you were the only one that were fighting Dahak...he made that this thing only obey to you..."

"Sounds how are gonna bring Ares here?" the bard asked.

"I don't know we have to plan this...let's go outside"

"Alrighty friends, i'll leave you alone, I think you need to solve some things out" smirking the goddes approached and hugged Xena "I'm very happy with you here again" she whispered to the warrior's ear "But if you ever hurt Gabrielle again..."

the warrior stopped the goddes "That won't happen again Dite...I promise"

" please take care of her...she loves you a lot, believe me this is the greatest love I have ever seen..." she headed towards the bard "Gabrielle, please take care of this dumb, old, stupid warrior..." Gabrielle giggled adn hugged the goddess "Thank you...thank you"

Then the goddesss dissapeared, Xena and Gabrielle were alone and the silence reflected their nervousness.

Then both spoked at unison "I..." they giggled and Xena let Gabrielle speak first.

The bard's eyes began to moisten and her throat was choked with emotion she lowered her sight "I...missed you...."

"I missed you too" holding the bard's face in her hands

"I hated know?"

"Yes....and with reason...I let my pride be stronger than my love for you"

"I felt you left me..."

"I know I heard everything you thought...and I'm very sorry for all that pain I caused you..." the warrior's eyes were now at moisten as the bards. "Im sorry...but i promise you never do that again..." Gabrielle looked at her and saw the truth on those blue eyes.

"Xena do you know what hurt me the most?"

Xena shook her head "That you never told me your plans....that you left me out of didn't gave me the chance to choose my destiny...I would have prefered to die at your side than to live with out decided that you must die but you never told me what you were going to do....." xena caressed the bard's face looking at the deep pain that was remembering.

"I thought that stage in which you were trying to protect me was covered..."

"It was....but i was blind....i wasn't thinking straight...I thought it was the better for both of us"

"Do you still think it was the best?"

"No...not if it caused you so much pain....forgive me....please"

"If you promise me to never hide things from me..."

"I promise..."

Gabrielle was smiling and crying, reflecting the state of the warrior they hold tightly, and got ready to sleep, the bard fell on Morpheus' realm faster than the warrior, this one was smiling at the smell of the bard near her and at the sound of her heart; she looked at her and kissed the blonde's forehead.

In the morning the bard awoke afraid that everything has been a dream, but she got relief when she felt the warrior sleeping deeply.

She got up, without awakening Xena and prepared the camp she sighed thinking that finally their life has come normal again, she went again to the bedrolls and saw Xena sleeping, now she looked relieved, no more demons inside her...posibly she has reached redemption but knowing Xena she knew the warrior won't allow that.

She spend more minutes looking at the face she has missed more than eveything, she leaned in and kissed the warrior's lips tenderly; she felt the warrior responding and smiled "Thought you were sleeping"

"I was" said with the voice cracked smiling and openning her eyes to watch her soulmate "But this is the best way I can think for being awaken"

"Oh you liked it?" the blonde asked seductively.

"Yes, and i hope this'll continue for a long time" answered immediately.

"If i wake up first I promise" swore the bard stealing another kiss.

"Well we have to plan what to do.." began the warrior putting on her breastplate and bracelets.

"Yes...i think we should bring him, inside and when he knows you are yourself again he'll catch the idea"

"i was thinking the same...but i'm gonna bring him here, i'm gonna pretend i haven't recovered my memory"

"Don't you think he knows by now?"

"No...he is to excited about destroying this island also Aphrodite covered us so i'm sure he doesn't knows"

"Great, so let's move"

" little bard is now a dominatrix"

The bard blushed furiously "We'll if that annoys you...i ...well.."

"I love it....finally we have come a team...equal"

They went to the tomb and prepared everything for the entombment.

"Ares! Come here!!" Xena shouted at full.

In a second the god appeared in a flash of light

"Xena...what?...." he questioned pointing to the chamber.

"You betrayed me" the blonde acussed.

"Ah...Gabrielle....nice to see you again." He said sarcastically.

"Well Xena I look you have remembered bad..."

"Bad for you"

"No for the blonde" and he shot a ball of energy, Gabrielle look at it and covered herself behind a rock, it exploded and Gabrielle fell backwards some meters hiting her head with the wall leaving her unconcious.

"You bastard" said Xena taking her sword "You used revive me but for your own sake"

"Hey what did you expected?" he asked swinging his own sword.

"After everything we made for you you haven't changed a bit"

"Xena you are breaking my heart" answered with a crooked smile, with that the fight began Xena wielded her sword fastly, blocking the attacks of the god, she took his arm and slammed him on the wall, he stood up and took her swinging her and tossing her away to the floor. Both tossed away their swords and battled hand to hand. Xena conected a fist on his jaw and the god defended himself with a high kick; both kicked each other's face and they fell to the floor. She stood she was a bit tired, fer face was dirty and her mouth was covered with blood.

"Time to finish the game has" he took his sword high to give her a death blow, in the last second Gabrielle took him from behind, Xena took this moment to throw her chakram to the eye a flash of light filled the room, the eye brighted in a red glow and Ares was perplexed it swallowed the god and tossed his vital energy in the sarcofagus, he shouted loudly feeling that his immortality was condemed

"Noooooooooo!!!!!" and then as soon as the flash of light came everything was dark again.

"Gabrielle...are you allright?" the warrior asked going to where the bard was.

"Yeas...a little bit sored..." puting a hand on her own temple to clean a trickle of blood that came from her head.

"Let me see..." the warrior was a little bit bloody, and messy and the bard was almost in the same condition.

"I'm okay...don't worry" the blonde answered holding Xena's hand.

"Well let's get out of here" they stood and got aout from the cave, with their fingers enterwined.

"Do you think it will work?" Gabrielle asked a little bit fearful for the god's revenge.

"I don't know...but I hope he'll let us rest of him for a while" Xena answered, smiling and hugging the bard closer. "And now what do you want to do?"

"I know this may sound weird....but I'd like to take some vacations... I don't know lay the weapons a while...." fearful of the warrior's answer she added "Of course if you don't want...well.. we can just keep on road and..."

Xena silenced her "I was going to ask you the same thing...I want to take a vacation...we have been fighting with out rest for a long where would you like to go? North, South, East, West?"

"Everywhere is okay as long as it is with you...but no East for a while ok? I don't know some warm, paradisaic place..." snuggling closer to the warrior.

"Mmmm I have the perfect place....would you be interested in an island near Rome?" whispering to Gabrielle's right.

"Rome...and we'll be near the city to attend to the plays!" she exclaimed exited.

"I take that as a yes?" the warrior asked rising her both eyebrows smiling at full.

" can take this as a yes" whispered kissing her deeply.

After they dissapeared in the middle of the forest, a pink glow appeared.

"Ares...hope to see you in a thousand of caused a lot of pain, and the saddest part is that you never learn anything....although you were human for a while...well bro...take a rest and think on everything" before she could dissapear Ares answered "Till the next time Xena...till the next time" Aphrodite didn't knew if it was her fertile imagination of if it was truly Ares; she dismissed the fact and dissapeared.

At the far two figures were about to aboard a boat, they were the warrior and the bard; finally they were together again, about to enjoy a well earned big vacations, with out being afraid of the future because again they have each other to fight everything and everyone who steps in their way.

The End