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Dislcaimer:"All of the water reserves of Xena and Gabrielle were used as tears in the production of this amateur FF"

When a heart is broken


"You have drank too much Gabrielle...stop..." the warrior begged stopping the shorter woman from drinking more port.

The bard turned and smiled "Hi Xen whatz's your dear Akemi?"

"Gabrielle...." at this statement Xena gave the bard the look, trying to make her understand that Akemi was nothing to her, she put a hand on the blonde's shoulder, immediately the warrior flinched, because eveytime she touched the bard she felt a chill she thought it was odd that a ghost could feel but she has discovered that the spirit realm in wich she was, is different from all the others she has visited.

The blonde keep dringking from her mug and staring to the botton of it "Na don't worry xena It's not like i'm gonna burn an entire village and then let me being killed" Gabrielle at this point wanted to hurt her, whe felt betrayed she felt angry, sad, and mad with Xena because she didn't gave her the option of following her. She would have been happy of dying at her side, but no the arrogant and prideful warrior didn't let her do that.

The warrior closed her eyes and swallowed the hit at the remark and before she could say something Gabrielle stroke her again with something worse, facing the warrior for the first time in some days.

"otherwise it would be a good would give me peace"

Xena felt that fear that came to her at the thought that Gabrielle may kill herself "don't you ever think about it"

The bard continued with her calm tone "why not?"

"because you have many things to do..."

"no i don't... i want to be dead" said this time the bard but more serious.

"if you do that we won't be together" Xena reminded the bard that seemed to be deaf to her words, this one finally exploded.

"but i'll be at peace at least!" she shouted, everyone turned to see her shouting to the air no one said nothing, and if they said the bard wouldn't care.

"you told me you understood" said sadly the warrior, while a tear ran down her face.

"no i didn't tell you that!" the smaller one continued, she breathed deeply her face was full of tears. "I told you that you were my life, that you were the only thing that mattered to me...that it wasn't right...that i loved you...and you know what I realized? That my love wasn't strong enough to keep you here..."

The bard was crying so much that her face was red as well as her eyes, Xena was heartbroken she rose her voice tone and held the bard's face on her hands "Don't ever say that! I love you more than my life." Her heart poured in this words, hopping she could understand them.

The bard saw the warrior's face, but the pain was too much she turned her face "Well you didn't prove it quite well" she talked almost whispering "...don't you ever see that i'm dying without you?" she faced Xena again and acussed her with her own words " Where is our love that you said it trascended good or evil, that..that was stronger than heaven or hell that was an end in itself? You forgot that our souls were meant to be together?"

Xena knew Gabrielle was right, but she couldn't do anything "I'm sorry...."

Gabrielle was tired of hear that her friend was sorry so she let her heart win her brain " sorry too xena...i can't go on like this...It's too painful to see you, like you are alive...and then the truth come to my heart and i realize that you are dead...everyday since you died...everytime i wake up i'm trying to think it's a dream...and at night I feel like day was a nightmare...but that's not true..It's too painful to be able to touch you but at the same time not being able to feel you...I can't go on like this...i...I can't believe im gonna say this but...i don't want to see you anymore... you are bad for me...i can't move on if i think that you are alive...i cant'" 'Ok, it's done' the blond thought 'I hope this will help us...otherwise i'll lose her forever'

"Gabrielle are you sure?" asked the warrior between sobs, the bard just nodded.

'No, no this can't be' Xena thought desperately, but at the same time she knew she ccoudln't deny something to her...Gabrielle did everything Xena asked even when the things she asked hurted her.she close her eyes and just muttered what she thought will be her las weapon "Gabrielle, I love you"

Gabrielle answered hopelessly "I love you too..."

After this the pain was too much to bear for the warrior and she just dissapeared, she turned to see all the tavern whispering about her, she just shook her head and continue drinking, then she stop being strong and fell in the table, sobbing incontrolably.

Gabrielle stay on the tavern more hours but now she felt worse because, she for the first time feel alone, completely alone...she couldn't feel the presence of the warrior, she saw the bottom of her mug and pleaded almost silently.

"I love you, Xena....forgive me...."


Meanwhile Xena was in the spirit realm she looked troubled she was walking in circles with her hands on her waist, in that minute Akemi showed up.

"Xena, you look distresed what's happening" she asked with a too innocent face.

"Nothing" the warrior scowled somberly

Akemi noticed the attitude of the warrior and she tried to make her feel better "Xena this is paradise, you shouldn't look worried."

This made Xena anger she shouted angrily pointing with her finger "This is not my paradise!....this is my's the worst thing I have ever done, my paradise doesn't exist anymore."

Akemi saw the truth in Xena's heart, knowing the answer she acked "You are in love with her isn't? You are deeply in love with Gabrielle..."

Xena simply nodded and lowered her sight.

"I thought it was just a crush..." Akemi admitted to herself

Xena felt defeated "You thought that? A crush of seven years, plus 25 of entombment....i don't think so..."

"Im sorry" Akemi said too casual.

"Not more than what i am..."


Gabrielle was at an inn, looking hopeless and distressed, she has been helping people but she had become more agressive, like Xena in her days, she smiled at battle, and taunted enemies like she had never done, battle afer battle she was losing what was left of her soul because the better part was gone along with Xena

Interrumpting her thoughts a man called her from the other side of the room "Hey you!"

Gabrielle glared at him and continued drinking from her glass.

"Hey i'm talking to you! The one who talked to the air" the man taunted the bard.

Gabrielle didn't answer, she just ignored him, she was in not mood to be disturbed.

"Come on what happened? No one wants to talk to you?" at this everyone in the tavern laugh at her.

Gabrielle reached her limit and she got up...she handed her sai like a warning to the man.

"Oh look the crazy girl have a weapon...come on!" he foolishly continued his attacks on the short woman.

Gabrielle slowly walked to him, the man let a punch go, but the bard avoided it and in a flash she kicked him putting him on the floor, pleading fot his life, she lower herself and brought hersai to the mans neck.

"Don't kill me...i'm sorry im's sorry" he whispered desperately.

The green eyes were full of hate "I'm not" just before she could plunge her sai on the man's chest, she paralized "Gods, what am i just doing?"

She lifted up and left the tavern, outside was raining, she stood on the middle feeling the rain in her body and she cried as loud as she could.

"Xena, i know you can hear told me that the dead hear our thoughts...Why you left me?"

"Don't you see what i have became? I'm searching the death in every corner....and the reason is because ironically it is the only thing that will bring me what i most " she fell in her knees and beggan sobbing, the most bitter tears came through her face, because before she had Xena spirit that comfort her but now she had Xena was truly death...

Xena from the spirit realm saw all this, and her heart broke again and again...eveytime she saw Gabrielle crying. Desperate, her heart was shattering...tears came to her face, and she punched the ground in which she was sitting and regreted one thousand times that she hadn't let Gabrielle pour her ashes on the fountain...she wanted to be at Gabrielle's side, she wanted to comfort her, she wanted to embrace her and tell her that eerything was ok, but in the deep she knew that this was imposible...she was dead...she was nothing in the mortal realm, she was dust.

Gabrielle didn't knew how much she has been crying, an idea crossed through her mind, she stood and ran thought the forest without caring that the rain was soaking her, neither that her lungs were about to explode, she reached a temple, she breathed heavyly for some seconds, then she entered through the gate.

She walked a long corridor until she arrived to an altar.

"Aprodite!!" she shouted. "Aprodite please! I...i need you"

A pink glow appeared in front of her. "Hey sweet pea what's up?"

"I need your help" she begged.

"My help?" she noticed the soaked bard and snapped her fingers cleaning and drying Gabrielle "Where's Xena....?"

"Xena is dead....i want you to restore know what i feel for her..." the bard was babbling, and her voice was pleadding full of hopes that this goddess could help her.

Arodite was in shock at the revelation "What?! Wait a minute the tall dark and deadly dead???? What happened?"

"I don't want to remember..." she answered somberly

"Please Gabrielle remember how i help ya when you ad your writers block...let me help you with this again..." Aprodite said trying to comfort the bard.

The rears that always threatened Gabrielle won...and she began retelling the story from what seemed long ago...

After hearing the story Dite felt bad for what was going to tell her friend "Gabrielle... i cant' revive's too much."

A pair of furious green eyes were directed to the goddes, "Too much? Excuse me but we restore you as a good and we were mere mortals..."

The goddess knew Gabrielle was right she stopped Gabrielle at the middle so she could explain her "Ok....I know...Sweet need a little rest...i'm going to see if theres something I can do...I promise i will do everything i can to help now." She moved the bard to a room so she could sleep, she could se that she has sleep little or hasnt' slept in a long time. Gabrielle agreed and she tried to sleep, she knew that there was the only land in which she felt like Xena was alive and that they were together. The goddess snapped her fingers and put a spell on her friend with this Gabrielle fell asleep deeply.

"God damned you dared to leave her..." the goddess snarled.

"It was not my choice" said a voice from the shadows

"Oh great so it's true you are a ghost" it sounded more than a reclaim.

"yes it's true" the warrior said as she got out from the shadows

"I thought Gabrielle was a little bit out of her mind....but no you are a ghost you shouldn't be here..." said the goddess remembering something that Hades told her.

"Hu? What are you talking about?" the warrior asked

The goddess tried to rememeber but she couldn't "you must be on heaven, elisia, elsewhere i don't know but you shouldn't be here in the mortal realm..."

"Yeah i thought that too...but i think the Japs have different traditions." In her heart she thanked of this, because of this she could see and visit her bard.

The goddess dismissed that fact and continued her acussing finger toward the warrrior "Yeah it could could you dare to leave her."

"I had no option" said tired Xena that, everyone asked this.

The goddess was out of her limits of anger "Of course you had, that girl used you, and she kept using you."

"That's not true" Xena defended herself.

"Ah yeah? You give a thousand souls live in peace, and that girl that used you live happily while blonde is here heartbroken and alone." The punch was terribly for the warrior but she continued hearing her friend

"I can't believe you did this...i never expected you could do something like this....i thought that the love you both shared was stronger than anything i have ever seen."

"It is" 'or i hope it still is.' The warrior defended her feelings and hopes.

"But not strong enough to come back or fight, no no xena let me finish, I just don't know how you didn't find another way...she has lied to you, akemi has used you over and over."

"Her honor won't allow her to do that again"

"Honor? She don't know what is honor...come on you haven't learned anything from Gabrielle isn't?"

"Of course I learned...i learned to do the right, the good thing to do..." said the warrior as trying to convince herself of the stupidity she has done.

"You can save your excuse with me didn't learn that the only way to finish with the cycle of violence is through love?"

"That's the main reason of why I did what i do." She said to herself.

The goddess couldn't believe of what she was hearing, worse from who was hearing all this "For love ? come on!....Ahhhh now i get's true you love Akemi!...that's the main reason of why you never said anything to Gabrielle, why you never told her openly that you were in love with her!"

"I am in love with Gabrielle" she corrected the goddess.

"But you never told her, and now it doesn't counts!" she explained her point.

"It's because I never thought she would love me back" she told the goddess the truth.

"Oh gosh you both are so exasperating!" exclaimed waiving her hands "Of course she was! What did you thought that all those 'I love you' were hollow? But now i realize why she didn't restored you"

"It was because i told her not"

" didn't buy that really? Rember she destroyed the "other" world when that Caesar nuttie changed your fates! The whole word, do you thik she would care for 40 000 thousand unknonw souls? I don't think so!"

Xena opened her eyes at the revelation she thought that they were they only ones that knew what happened with Caesar.

"She did it because i begged her to not doing it!" the warrior continued

"No, no, was because she thinks that you want to be with the jap girl...because now she thinks that you loved her more than her."

"She knows i don't love Akemi.." at that moment she remembered all the times that Gabrielle annoyed her with Akemi.


Aprodite lowered her tone "Why you never did what you really want to do? You both are the people that most times had put the greater good before yourselves."

"Because I killed them!"

This exasperated the goddess one more time "Yez i can't believe it! Althought that spirits have told you that you were redeemed and that you redeemed them i can't believe you are still blaming yourself for that accident"

Xena looked to the floor like a punished child, Aphroite continued with her argument.

"And tell me the gods can you believe that girl

When she knew you had to stay dead all time,in case you really had to stay dead, and she let Gabrielle had hopes about restoring you..."


"But she gave her a sacred dragon to protect her."

"A god damned tattoo, that i'm sure she made it that big to give her more pain...come on Xena, she knew since the beggining that you will stay dead and although that she let Gabrielle risk her life to recover your body, that takes me to the next point! WHY YOU NEVER WARNED HER?" poking the spirit with her finger.


"Don't play fool with me Xena, why the hell you didn't warned her about what she will find on that camp? Believe me it's not a pretty sight to see the love of your live chopped into tiny little pieces."

"Because i didn't knew it..." she answered sadly closing her eyes and remembering that images.

"But you knew how you died..." aprodite said confussed.

"No i don't....i just remember fighting with all my strenght and thinking about her...then at one moment I stopped, saw nothing and I was on the other side."

"Oh well...great so you are not the insensitive bitch I thought...Sorry Xena but I'm very mad...and that's not good for beauty you know?"

She put her hands on her hips and the warrior crossed her arms before her.

"Well this girl knew everything and she let Gabrielle had hope...and most of all she let you had hope...someone that loves another person as much as she prays to love you would never lie so big."

In that moment in Xena's mind something flashed, she realized something, she uncrossed her arms and opened her eyes widely at the idea that came to her.

"I have to go"

"For Gabrielle's welfare i hope you'll come back, she is very distressed... and that's not good...believe me" the seriousness in the goddess voice make the warrior shiver and this give her more strengh to what she would do.

"Take care of her...please" she begged smiling to the bard, she knet in front of her and kissed her on the forehead.

"Of course" after this Xena dissapeared.


She returned to the spirit world, and shouted .


"Yes teacher, you summoned me?"

"Cut that! Tell me you knew since the beggining that all this will happen"

"I don't know what you are talking about" ahe tried to avoid Xena's sight.

"Of course you do" "You killed your father, and for good or justice is a terrible sin and dishonor in your tradition, you knew since the beggining that they will never let me place your ashes in a sacred shrine"

Akemi was surprised and terrified that Xena finally discovered her secret

"You wanted me to be dead, but to you unfortunately i get out of Higuchi alive..." Akemi betrayed herself whe she turned to Xena, her eyes betrayed her.

"You had the katana and you never used it against Yodoshi, and it wasn't because you couldn't it was because you didn't wanted me to come here, die and stay dead..."

Xena approached meaningly to the girl and took her from the neck

"And you let us, Gabrielle and me had hope for reviving me..why?" she asked angrily.

"You didn't need to stay here Xena...i knew that you'll be gone after the battle...i just wanna be with you...I love you" Akemi tried to defend herself with the last words.

"You love me? You are sick! planned everything and then 40 years later you summoned did you knew i was alive?" this was a new revelation to Xena.

"I saw you from here...i just was waiting until the right moment to summon where always too far or too busy..."

"I can't believe it...and you saw me, you saw what i feel for Gabrielle and you just shatter her hopes"

"I didn't shater were the one that didn't let to be revived" she answered telling the truth.

"Because you told me that the 40,000 souls would be lost!"

"You centainly surprised me...i thought you love for the bard will be stronger than your sense of honor"

This hitted Xena square on the heart, she was right...she was selfish...she let her honor be stronger than her was like she didn't learn the lesson she thought that vengance was the solution for the souls, not love and forgiveness, a tear rolled down her cheek

"I'm gonna come back" she told to the girl.

"You can't"

"Are you gonna try to stop me?" she asked glaring at her with hate.

"No, the second sunset has passed some weeks ago...and I don't know why you are giving so much hopes in returning, just listen"

Xena knew she couldn't do something about restoring herself in the fountain but nothing has ever stopped her from her from her goals...she listened something at the distance, she closed her eyes and listened harder, immediately she recognized the sound of Gabrielle's voice.

"Xena you haven't returned...i thought you'll return, although i told you not...but this... this has finally opened my eyes, much as this hurts me... you love Akemi more than anyone..more than me...I think that was your best reason for saving that couldn't bear to see her suffering all the eternity dont you?

I...i know what i must do...i'm gonna to burry your ashes...maybe that way you'll find peace...i'm sorry for all the bad things i did...just remember I'll love you forever...funny you once told me that...ironic it was on the other never told me that on this world...I'm gonna miss you more than i can say........till the other side my friend.."

Xena was full of tears...and then a sudden panic came to her, if her ashes were put on rest she could never return to the mortal world, she tried to return but then she realized that Gabrielle had closed her heart and the connection between them had been closed.


"Gabrielle!!" Xena falled to her knees pounding her fists on the ground "Damn no!"

Akemi was completely stunned, she had never seen the warrior princess so distraugt

"I'm sorry Xena" she said honestly.

Xena turned and put her hands on the girls neck " all...your fault.....this is all your fault" Xena tightened her hold, until Akemi's spirit weakened " don't worth it...keep all the eternity with the thought that you dishonored your family, your teacher and your town."

The Xena left, finally she discovered that she could come back, she discovered everything, but now she couldn't tell it to the bard..."OF COURSE I CAN!" she suddenly shouted to the air...

Meanwhile in Aprodithe's temple, she went to see the bard, and she discovered that the bard wasn't there just a note


Thanks for your help, i realized what i should do...i'm gonna let Xena rest...i'm gonna take her ashes to Amphipolis, i think it's a good step for moving on.

Thanks for everything,


"Gabrielle, what are you thinking?" aprodite wanted to do somehting but it was her friends decision so she must respect it...hey you respected Xena's will and now you are suffering..i'm not gonna take the chance, she zaped and appeared in front of Gabrielle that was outside of Xena's family tombs.

"Gabrielle...don't do that" Aprodite warned her

"Ditie i have to move on..." she said to herself, moving further.

"If you do that Xena could never return to the mortal realm, neither in spitit...she would be trapped in the spiritual realm" hopping that this could persuade the bard from her actions aprodite was taken aback with the answer.

"So be it" answered the blonde with a shadow in herface.

"Gabrielle i don't know you are thinking straight"

"I don't care, Afro...i just need to finish this...and the faster the better i'll make myself the idea that she's gone"

" have closed your heart." Exclaimed surprised the goddess 'There's nothing worst than a jealous she is not jealous she's just deeply hurted, she is in love and deeply hurted by that love.'

"Yes...don't interfere...that's the last thing i wanna ask you" after that Gabrielle placed the ashes beside Lyceus tomb, xena felt some kind of weakning and she became aware that she couldn't return to the mortal world...

"Aprhodite!!" she shouted

The goddes felt that someone called for her but she felt it weak and didn't recognize it, Xena looked at this, and was stunned. With no communication to the other world, she was almost lost.

"Akemi" she shouted angryly

The girl appeared but say nothing

"the connection is closed, i can't come back and no one can hear me on the other world...neither a god...i know there has to be a way to return so better tell me what can i do"

"You can't travel to the mortal world...well not to all, you are attached to where you this case Japa...the..the only thing you can do is drink from the fountain of strenght, and wait till someone can hear you..or at least is thinking in you..with that you'll have a small chance to communicate..."

"Great" at that Xena put all her effort and dissapeared, in a flash she appeared in japa, "great again here"....she went to Mt. Fuji and drank some of the water, she felt a power comming to her, not so powerful like before, and she realized that the power for Yodoshi's battle came more from Gabrielle's love than from the water.then she tried to communicate with someone on the mortal realm, all her thoughts were from Gabrielle, on how stupid she has acted, she remembered some of her last days with the living, the bard's birthday, the battle with the amazons, and the last day of her life.


'If i only have 30 seconds to live i want to live them looking into your eyes' Gabrielle thought while she was fighting against an enemy from Egypt, this clouded her mind, and the tears theathen her again, she has swore herself that she won't let Xena enter into her heart again, she rose and shouted "Fight!" moving her army to the front of the enemy's lines.

There an arrow shot her in the shoulder, she fought possesed, Xena looked this on her mind and it was sort of a deja vu like her last fight "No!" she shouted hoping that the bard would hear her.

Gabrielle fought until some enemies encircled her, she punched several of them with her sais and now with the chackram she defended herself, but she never saw an enemy behind her that plunged a knife on her back, she cried of pain and fell into the ground, in the moment a warrior was gonna finish her Dite apeared and took her out of the battle, putting her on a safe spot. "Gabrielle hold on, I...I promise her i'll take care of you"

The battle ended and miracously Egypt won, the Pharos couldn't believe it and was about to congratulate Gabrielle when he was informed that the bard was injured and that was with the healers, he sent his personal doctor to heal her, this immediately went to the room in wich Gabrielle were, she looked tired, troubled, sad everything at the same moment.

He passed some hours trying to heal the wounds of the warrior but he stopped, the Pharos asked why and he just answered "I can't save someone that don't fight for save herself...she wants to die..."

Aprodite popped in the room

"I'm gonna take her...she's my friend"

the Egiptians were surprised about the apparition, after a short introduction approdite took Gabrielle to her temple in greece.

"Come on Gabrielle resist...fight...don't give up" begged while tears ran thought her face"...don't make this a bigger tragedy."

"Xena why you aren't here...why you dissapeared? You should have been here to help her!"

Xena heard her name and called aprodite with all her soul

The goddess heard this and knew that Xena has called her, she dissapeared and appeared in the spirit realm

" Thank Olympus you are still here!"

" First thing first, How is Gabrielle"

"She is not good...she has been wounded in her last battle, but the healer can't do nothing"

"Is she...?"

"No...but she will be..."

"Help her"

"It's not her body's her spirit, she's dead inside...she don't want to live..if she don't want there's nothing I can do to help her...a broken heart is worse than any wound"

"I need to come back..."

"Yes....what did you discovered"

"I'ts a long were right by the way...she just used me...again...but we have no time to waste...i need to help her"

"If you want to come back may I assume that the 40,000 souls won't be lost?"

"That was a many others, I need a favor...Aphrodite can you restore me?"

"No...i can't...not by's a great thing I need help from other gods"

"Ares" Xena immediately though

"He could help..." Dity told her..."call him" the warrior ordered her.

In a second Ares apeared, "Xena!"

"Ares we are short of time, i need you to help me to restore Xena"

"For what? To save that bard? You must be kidding...." he answered laughing.

"Please Ares...please " the warrior begged.

"Come on bro, they restore us as gods..." ares was a little bit annoyed, but finally he agreed.

"Ares, joined we can do it..." said the goddess holding his arm.

He snarled but he helped he send a ball of energy to Xena, and Dite did the same, they were using a lot of power but they discovered they needed more...they were about to quit when more flashes cme to the spirit realm, Odin and Cupid came to help, all together tried to revive Xena...and with all the gods help it wasn't an easy task, Xena has been dead for too long, and her body was reduced to ashes, all were a little bit weak but they needed more help, in the final minute Eli, and Michael apeared in front of them; both gave them the final push to do it..a big implosion was and then all the gods were in Aprodites temple, unaware if they have succeded, the body of the warrior princess was limp on the floor suddenly she inhaled sharply and focused her gaze, she was alive again. She was weaken she tried to stand up but she couldn't.

"Take it easy Princess" said Ares helping her to stand, she was naked so the god of war passed a hand in front of her and she suddenly was on her war clothes.

Xena was dizzy, she look to the ones who have helped her : Ares, Aprodite, Cupid, Odin, Michael and Eli.


"Rest, and remember that the human's greatest weapon is love" was the only thing that Eli said before he disapeared.

The gods told her good wishes and they dissapeared all except Aprodite, Ares was about to stay but truly he was overlwhelmed with joy and he didn't want to cry on public so he planned of dissapearing before someone could notice it.

"Xena if you want to take revenge on that little island...forget it...I'm glad you are back" he said as he approached and kiss her tenderly, after that he dissapeared.

"Gabrielle.."said Xena almost in a whisper.

"Xena you have to rest..."said aprodite happy of seing her friend alive again.

"no...i need to see her"

Aprodite knew that the warrior would never sleep until she has seen the bard.

"Ok...takeit easy Xena" she took her to the other room of the temple where the bard was, Xena was crying at seeing the bard so bad, it wasn't physically but emotionally even in her sleep she could see that she was destroyed... suddenly something that no one could predict happened Gabrielle stopped breathing, Aphrodite was shocked.

Xena almost crawling fastly was at the bard's side. She took her hand and felt it cold, the touch would be wonderful on other time, but know it horrified her, the touch that has missed more than her own body was cold at the edge of death.

She held the bards hand and say desperately "Come on Gabrielle fight...don't give up...i'm here with you...i made a lot of bad choices, i should have heard you..." she began doing the heart resucitation to her friend "you you were right...but now I'm here, don't leave you are my whole life...don't go...don't do it...I love you more than anything..." she continued the action and leaned and kissed the bard on the forehead, her lips lingered a little bit more.

No change was in the bard.

Now Xena was really scared...she keep doing the heart massage until she felt a faint pulse, she push her lips onto Gabrielle's ones and breathed for her, she continued more seconds that appeared to be an eternity, the warrior whispered to her comforting words, and Gabrielle began to answer.

Dity was amazed, she has never seen so clear the love that the warrior have for the bard.

Xena asked Aphrodite to bring her some things and she immediately obeyed.

Xena although was really tired, she keep on Gabrielles side.

"Gabrielle, i know you can hear me...I'm you were right i made wrong choices...i was used again and again, i'm sorry if you though that i left you because of Akemi but that..that was not true...." a tear run through her face "I love YOU, not Akemi...i'm sorry for doing that stupid self redeem act on Japa....I'm sorry...please come back...fight..." she began losing hopes, Gabrielle was too weak and it was like she didn't hear her "Gabrielle remember this...even in death Gabrielle well be together....I...I will love you for ever...for all the eternity" she leaned down and kissed the bard tenderly.

Gabrielle suddenly moved.

"Aprodite come!" the blue eyed warrior shouted.

The goddess popped again "What?"

"She moved!"

The goddess cried, she knelt before the bard and put a hand in the blonde's forehead.

She closed her eyes and a glow came to her hand, slowly the bard's wound began to close.

The color of her face has returned, and she was no longer cold. Xena cried of happiness, slowly the bard opened her eyes.

"Xena" she whispered, trying to focus her eyes and to recognize the place "is this is the best dream i have ever had or am I dead?" smiling and caressing the warrior's face, Aphrodite saw the private moment between these two and dissapeared.

"None of them... I have returned" said Xena kissing the palm of the the hand that was on her face.

Gabrielle opened her eyes at the surprise, she straightened herself and touched Xenas' face with both of her hands, her face felt warm, not the horrible sensation of nothing when she touched her in spirit form, overwhelmed she just smiled not believening yet "It's are here"

"Yes" answered the warrior looking at the bard's eyes, the eyes that she missed, and the eyes that soothed her in the battle.

She smiled more, Xena sited beside her, and cupped the bard's face, then she leaned to Gabrielle, the blonde closed her eyes, same as Xena this one kissed the blonde tenderly, the feeling was marvelous, Gabrielle answered with a heartfelt kiss. Both broke the contact and smiled.

"I love you Xena...i mean I'm in love with you" the bard admitted to her and to herself.

"Gabrielle I love you too, and i will forever"


"I'm sorry for everything Xena I hope you can forgive me..." she said while she hold Xena's hands, the warrior quieted the bard with one finger on her lips

"shhh...gabrielle, you don't have to be sorry...I am the one who has to say that"

"No Xena" The warrior squeezed the bard's hand "Yes...listen, I was selfish"

"Gods how could you say that you gave your life for 40,000 souls that's everything but selfish!"

"No i was selfish...i prefer my honor than you...I'm sorry...I know you thought I loved Akemi more"

Gabrielle looked hurted not for herself but for Xena "Xena I..." she tried to order her thoughts when Xena kissed her gently, smiling she ordered

"Let me finish"

The bard just nodded "I knew you thought I prefered Akemi..I was an idiot, in all the trip i was telling you all of Akemi, i was like putting her on a pedestal, I know you were hurted about the pinch stuff...yes don't deny were jealous...but you were for a good reason, i was almost saying that Akemi was the best person I have ever thought...and that hurt you...that, that motivated you to follow my wish...Cuz we know that you have destroyed the world and all because we weren't together"

"In that case i am more selfish.." she admited sheepesly.

"Well we have plenty of time to blame each the only thing that i want to do is be with you, never be apart" said Xena while their foreheads were touching.

"Me too" said the bard

Breaking the contact Xena asked "What do you think do you want to take some vacations?"

"Yes...please" answered the bard leaning her back on Xena's chest, thinking about something continued "but nowhere near the land of Pharos, Japa or Norsedic lands"

"hey i thought you loved the Norse got plenty of admirers!" said Xena smiling at the memory.

"Oh shut up! But it was because you left me some other times that i'm not gonna tell" teased the blonde, Xena knew this was truth, she hold the bards chin to make her face her and swore to her seriously "I promise you that I will never leave you back..."

"Good, because I'm never gonna let you go alone again...Never again...even in death Xena remember?"

"Yes, I where do you want to go? Rome?" Xena teased back

"Ughh no!" the bard exclaimed smiling.

"Ok no Rome...Spain? Brittania? Chin? A cruise through Mediterranean?"

"Mmmm i'll love the last one, sun, sand, splash...but no desert Xena!" continued laughing the bard at the memory of the desert storm.

Xena hug her and ask her seductively "Mmm so would you be interested in something like a warm, romantic, beach and plus a sexy, wonderful and revived Warrior Princess?"

"mmm i don't know...everything is okay but i don't like stubborn, arrogant princess" the bard continued the game she was loving it and she was sure Xena was loving it too.

"I thought you love it..." said Xena feinging discomfort

"I love it" she said closing her eyes and savouring the moment of having Xena again with her. Holding Gabrielle tighter she felt a known thing, she saw the brigth metal of her chakram, "Could it be too much if you borrow me your chakram" said Xena innocently.

"I dont' know it was a gift...from someone I love a would be asking too much" said Gabrielle between smiles

"How much?" Xena asked already knowing the answer

"More than my fact she is my life...i'll kill for her, i would destroy the world for her, the only thing i have certain is that I love her more than everything"

"She's lucky... and I know she feels the same for you" said this she kissed the bard again, but this time more deeply.

After breaking their kiss, Gabrielle handed her the chakram, Xena smiled and held her thighter "So i think we'll go south and to the beach."

"And then well go to all the places which have warm beaches until we get tired of each other"

"Mmm that sounds good to me, in two or three lifetimes if that happens you tell me if you wanna still be with this old, dumb and arrogant warrior for a couple or centuries "

A pink glow appeared in frot of them smiling "ughh you are so sweet that i think i'm gonna puke"

Both of the warriors glare at her trying to feign discomfort but both broke in laughter

"I'm happy for both of you...please Xena never let this bard alone, she tend to be a little bit crazy without you" Xena smiled at the blonde "and Gabrielle take care of Xena..never let anything or anyone split you apart, not even the greater have done a lot of times that, now do what you both want to do...and remember that I'm here to help both of you"

"thanks aprodite" answered the tall warrior

Gabrielle stood up and walked toward the goddess there she hugged aprodite tightly "Thank you...thank you"

"it's the least I could do for my best friends" said hugging the blonde strongly she whispered to Gabrielle's "And if that warrior act dumbly again call me"

"Hey I heard that!" the warrior warned.

"Oh poor warrior she feels betrayed" the goddess came to Xena, this one hugged her too "Thanks aprodite..I owe you a lot"

" owe me nothing...take care of her Xena" Aprodite warned her, "I'll do it"

"Ok my friends so what are you gonna stay here today or what?"

Xena held Gabrielle hands and ask her "I miss the stars, the sky, the fresh air...there's nothing like that on the other side.. would you like to camp outside Gabrielle?"

"I'd love it" answered the bard, and with this both say they good byes to the goddess and went on the road again.

Ares appeared "I could have give her everything"

"Come on Ares...leave those mortals to their bunisses...they deserve to be happy for a while" said smiling after that both dissapeared.

In the night Xena and Gabrielle were asleep hugged together they both were not sure of what will be ahead, they just let themselves sleep knowing that there will be trouble, that there will be laughter, tears, fun, fear but overall knowing that this time nothing will put them apart, and just with the certaing thought that they'll be together and that soon they'll be savouring a well-earned vacations.

The End

The end...or the beggining...or the middle.... Depends on how you see it!