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Our warriors wake up with the first ray of light of the morning it was a hard week fighting a lot of baddies and helping a lot of people; but that night was different; usually they camp and talk all the night about a lot of things, most of the times the bard began to write a fabulous story about the adventures of the day while the warrior cleaned her weapons and prepared for another day; but that day the things went wrong Xena didnít know why but she noticed it; Gabrielle didnít talk in all the night neither write or tell a story; Xena was worried she asked many times what happed to her but the bard didnítí answer.

"Itís nothing Xena itís just that Iím tired" answer the bard finally after a lot of questions; but she seemed with a heavy pain in her heart and with a big sadness in her eyes.

"Please, Donít lie me" replied Xena gently while she cupped the bardís face.

The bard stared at Xena some time and finally a small smile came in her face "Donít worry itís nothing itís just that Iím tired"

Xena ask no more and hugged the bard after a few minutes she fell asleep, Gabrielle tried to sleep but she couldnít actually she had a crisis of faith; a lot of times she had asked Xena why they do all that good things Xena always tell her that it was for the greater good but that night she couldnít believe no more in the greater good she need something deeper than that; and she began to think in all the events that happened through the weekÖ


"Gabrielle wake up we have to go to Thesaly" said the blue eyed warrior while she was putting her boots on.

"Ohhh okay, well can you tell me why all the days is the same routine? "Asked Gabrielle.

"Because weíre going to help a lot of good people today?" said Xena with a small smirk in her face

"No really" said the bard returning the smile.

"Because if no, I canít be redeemed for my past and you have left your home because you like be homeless" said Xena returning the smile "Come on this day will be great!"

"Okay I got it, why you canít tell me some deeper uh? Like the phrase is for the greater good or something like that" said the bard ironically but with a smile in her face.

"Well I really donít know what to say, maybe we fight because we like or maybe because we like to help people of for had a reason to kick some asses" said Xena seriously and a little bit ashamed ol revealing her true feelings.

Gabrielle broke into laughs and finally woke up.

After a long time walking, they were near of a village and left half of hour to Thesaly; Argo was a little bit tired and Xena noticed that she donít want to stop but she did, they bought some things in the market like food, a pan (the last one Xena used against a thief), some ropes and some bandages and medicines; they were eating in an inn when a battle began Xena defended herself and Gabrielle stand up and used her staff for helping Xena, but before she threw she stands petrified her doubts again tormented her while Xena was fighting against five guys; Gabrielle stood like out of this world; Xena looked that and while hitting a bad in the head and another in the stomach with a kick she yelled "Gabrielle!! Watch out, behind!!" Gabrielle reacted slow and got hit in the back with a chair ; Xena threw the one that she held to the wall and go to protect Gabrielle; but before she could help Gabrielle someone shot a dagger toward Xena; She felt a burning thing in her back down her ribs; luck that the guy was a bad shooter, but that made Xena fell; she tried to remove the thing from her back but she couldnít with her awesome strength she carried Gabrielle out of the inn and called Argo while most of the enemies were lying in the floor.

Xena felt a mortal pain in her back and after s time running in Argo she stopped; she couldnít get down easily but Argo made the things easier for her. The warrior seemed badly injured a lot of sweat was going down through her face and she bit her lip of pain when she touched the floor.

With her last forces she took down Gabrielle and let her rest near a tree; after that she started to feel dizzy she took of the dagger of her body and finally she fainted.

Gabrielle finally awoke she felt a small pain in her back and she remembered the fight in the inn; unconsciously she said "Xena?" she turned her face to recognize the place and she looked the large body of the dark warrior laying in the grass.

Without feeling nothing of pain and as she could she stood up and with a hollow in her throat approached quickly to the dark haired warrior " Xena?" she said with the voice cut and with sniffles she said " Xena, please donít go" she cupped the warriorís face and noticed the wound in her back. She hugged her and pressed the wound tightly and her hands began to color with the warriorís blood.

Please donít leave. A small kiss in her forehead. Donít go, you canít leave me. Her hand holds Xenaís.

She took some bandages that they bought in the village and began to cure the warriorís back after a while Xena awoke and instinctively she tried to stand but she remembered the wound painfully; she turned to look for Gabrielle and she noticed the bard hugging herself at her side. She noticed the red face of the bard symptom of a long cry; her heart broke when she saw that face; she rolled toward the bard with out caring about the wound in her back; then she extended her hand to touch the bardís face and whispered gently "Gabrielle, are you all right?"

The Bard woke up and said between tears "Xena youíre all rightÖIímÖIím sorry"

"Donít be" said the blue eyed warrior, while she caresses Gabís face.

" Its all my fault ÖIím always making you get hurt for trying to protect me" replied angry and ashamed while a tear rolled down her cheek

"That was not your aghh fault" said Xena while bit her lip of pain.

" Why all this happen, I canít fight anymore" said Gabrielle.

Xena that have extraordinary developed her senses heard all what Gabrielle said, and closed her eyes thinking of what was happening to her friend.

In the morning Xena woke up before the sun rose and prepared a surprise for Gabrielle. What? the breakfast is well know that the warrior princess have many skills but definitively , then she awoke Gabrielle with a sweet caress.

"Gabrielle wake up we need to talk" said the warrior gently.

"Whatís up Xena?" asked very surprised the bard.

"Thatís what I wanna ask you? Replied seriously the blue eyed warrior.

"Nothing, I have nothing" replied quickly and faintly.

"Well thatís not what I heard yesterday" answer the warrior worried.

"You heard me yesterday?" asked worried the bard while her eyes began to get moist.

"Yes, and Iím very worried about what I heard" said with the voice cut and with a hollow feeling." Many times Iíve made you do things I know you didnít want to do, many times I have hurt you and what I hear yesterday really worries me;...sighÖbecause I donít want you to fight if you donít want of if it hurts you.."

" No youíve never hurt me maybe I donít accept your actions but I know they are forÖ the greater goodÖsighÖ What am I saying I donít believe in the greater good any more; Iíve seen many people die, and people that I love get hurt for me, I just donít have a reason to fight a reason to believe in that all we do is for good. I know it sounds ridiculous after all what we have been through." Said the bard with tears in her face.

"Itís for what happened to me?" asked the warrior sadly.

"Itís you, the people of the villages, the enemies theyíre all" answered Gabrielle.

"Itís not ridiculous Iíve past through that too, when I found you in Potedia I was this close. Showing an example with her handsÖ of killing myself; I thought in all the bad things Iíve done, in all the lives and families that Iíve destroyed, but in that moment you appeared, and the strength you showed made me understand something." Said while she cupped the bardís face.

"And that was that if I die nothing will change I have to do something to redeem my past and you give me a meaning to fight" said Xena while a tear in her best friend rolled down, in response she kissed Gabrielleís forehead.

"Have you lost your way?" asked Gabrielle faintly.

"A couple of times" answered Xena with a gently smile.

"And how you do you recover it?" asked Gabrielle.

"Every time I see Iím losing my way I remember my reasons to liveÖall the people that believe in me like my mother, even Joxer. I that doesnít work I think that all I do is for the greater good; and if that fails also; I think that I do it to protect the people that I most loveÖlike you, well that works on me. Why you donít try it?" asked Xena while she hugged her friend.

After that conversation Gabrielle finally found her reason to fight and understood that the greater good itís not only the reason of helping or protecting the majority.

No, she understood the real meaning of the greater good, the meaning that Xena gave her, fight to protect the people you love against everything and everyone.

From that day Gabrielle never had another problem in fighting but her crisis of faith, because although she loved Xena many times she donít accept her methods; and what happened to the breakfast? Well let's say that is better to eat something prepared by Joxer than from the warrior princess.