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Unknown Feelings.


"Hi Xena it’s been a long time since I didn’t see you, I’m glad of finding you here" said a gorgeous man approaching to the blue eyed woman in the darkness.

"How bad that I can’t say the same thing" said the woman with a bored and aggressive tone; the same she used every time she saw that fascinating shadow.

The god gave the warrior some sultry looks and talk with his most sensual tone "Xena this is really bothering me; see you get killed for following your way, you’ve past for a lot of calamities only for being good, and you’ve proved that not every good deed receives a good answer.."

The blue eyed warrior interrupted the god and rose her eyebrow as sign of what do you want me to do?. "I follow my way because it’s better than being again your soldier"

"Well tell me that you’re really satisfied with this life, with your life, and with know your bard" asked Ares with a disappointed face.

Like if somebody injected adrenaline, anger and hot in her body Xena replied aggressively "You know something? I prefer to be a common person in this world, I prefer to be maybe unknown for a lot, or hated by many ones than to be again your soldier!"

"Okay I got it not touching your little blonde.." Ares respond but Xena interrupted him abruptly " We haven’t finished Ares (Aiming with her finger) and if you dare to touch Gabrielle I’ll promise you that I’ll kill you"

The god responded not surprised nor worried, but giving her a sensual look "You don’t need to be aggressive, You know? I want you back because you want to, not because I force you; remember that Xena; but I’ll do what ever it takes for bringing you back" After that the god wave the wand and disappeared in a lighting cloud.

"Son of a bacchae" whispered to herself the warrior and trying to forget the encounter she drove away from that place.


In Xena’s camp, Gabrielle was trying to warm her hands in the fire; then she advertised the presence of the blue eyed woman; "Xena by the gods, where have you been?"

"Talking about them" responded sarcastically, Gabrielle moved her head toward her friend with a strange and interrogative look "What? I don’t understand."

"A visit of certain piece of god" exclaimed Xena throwing her chackram and her sword with fury into the floor. "Well and I thought that it was something important; I didn’t know that you bother for Ares. What did he do?" asked the bard innocently and a little bit surprised of Xena’s reaction.

"Nothing he just offered me to join again" replied the warrior trying to calm her anger.

"Well you are here so I suppose that you refused" said the bard with a gentle and funny smile for trying to make feel better her friend. When she noticed no reaction on her and an angry looked she said "sorry" a little smile showed on the bard’s face. Xena approaches and said "Don’t be, I’m sorry it’s just that I want to rip Ares face" said Xena biting her lip and with frown eyebrows.

"We better get some rest, tomorrow we’ll go to Thesaly" said the warrior as she took her place in the ground.

"Xena please come on, relax, you look better when you are not angry" said the bard approaching to her friend and cupping her friend’s face and noticing a small smirk on it.

"What will I do without you?" Replied the warrior hugging her friend.

"You'll be the ol' ass kicking warrior princess, (smirking) hey wait a minute you're still the same ol' ass kicking warrior princess".


Ares returned to the Pavilion of War and there he frustrated sat in his throne and quickly he stood up and began to flint with his sword angrily .

"I have no mental sanity" said a bored, sad, and frustrated handsome god.

"Why? What in the Hades motivates her? I have to do something; but what? I got it" after this, he disappeared again.

He appeared in a strange temple, there he approached to a throne and seductively he said "discord! I need your help"

"Why I should help you Dear?" asked discord showing her irritant teeth and looking him lustrily.

"Because if you help me I'll give you more power and maybe I will give you a date. What do you think?"

"Well what do I have to do? Kill someone, punish, slice?" asked impatiently the goddess

"Well I need a god help and you're a goddess… I will do a spell, but what I need you to make is a fight and distract an irritating blonde"; "hmmmm let me guess if that irritating blonde is Gabrielle, you'll make a spell against Xena. Isn't it?" replied Discord trying to show some intelligence.

"Who said you weren't smart" ironically answer the god.

After this, the two gods disappeared laughing as always as they do when the do something evil, and this wasn't the exception.

Meanwhile in Xena's camp Argo felt something evil in the environment immediately she moved worried; Ares appeared and watched Xena that beautiful warrior was sleeping, and at the other side of the fire there was Gabrielle; he looked her bored about looking her.

The next day discord began to make some trouble in a city near Xena's camp there she Was burning some houses and her men were hitting and hurting everyone, when a particular war cry sound in the far.

"Ayayayayallalalaya" Xena was riding Argo as fast as she could and Gabrielle was behind her sitting on Argo also.

Ares appeared and said; "now it's time Discord!"

Discord fight with Gabrielle and meanwhile Ares watched Xena. He appeared saying "Zeus don't you ever get bored of the same rutine?"

"Not in your lifetime Ares, What do you want? eh" asked Xena while she was smashing some foes.

"Nothing only I want to ask you something" replied the god seriously and with a small pout in his face.

"Ask it quickly" (What the hades did he want?) " Well have you ever missed your past, the blood thirsty warlord you used to be?"; "Not a chance in Tartarus"…Ares smiled "so that's a no huh? Well but you can't avoid that fighting is a part of your dark side"

"Good point Ares, you're awesome !" said the warrior in a sarcastic tone.

In that moment Ares threw her a small ball of energy. Xena didn't feel it but the spell had begun " Well see ya Xena" then he disappeared

Xena felt something strange inside her but pay no attention she saw how Gab was being smacked and went to help her "Discord you don't wanna make me mad do you?" she approaches toward the goddess and drew her sword and swing it a couple of times.

"Ok I got it, I got it no more fun see ya Xena" she disappeared.

Xena hold Gabrielle that barely could stand up.

Xena take Gabrielle to the inn, there she commanded the innkeeper to find some medicines for the bard.

She looked her and an immense anger began to full her body, an anger that she haven't felt since she saw Amphipolis burning, the same feeling that made her being the warrior princess, the feeling of conquer of being evil.

She barely controlled herself and looked at her friend, then she calmed down because she remembered how the bard had changed her life, she remembered all the good people she had met, and who have changed her way.

Ares looked from the window and saw with a smile that the feeling of being an evil warrior lied into Xena again, he knew that she controlled herself but that the feeling he wanted awoke again, and with this, the spell.

Xena felt an incredible pain in her chest, and fell onto the floor. She hold her heart and press it strong, she could almost breath the sweat of her desperation was covering her face; she was gasping and trying to talk; but she couldn't after these she collapsed and a bright light full the inn.

The innkeeper returned with the medicines and saw the warrior he hold her and checked her pulse and her breathing, she was breathing barely but she was still alive he took her to a room and take the bard to another then he went to find a doctor.

"mmm they'll live" the doctor said while he made an unhappy face.

"What happened to them?" asked worried the innkeeper

"The blonde was almost killed with punches…and the dark one…well I really don't know but she'll be alright"

Ares was in the room but no one noticed it "How bad…blonde will live, well but I have what I wanted don’t you think?"

A dark figure approached to the light it was Xena but with an evil sight of the same height but in her face seemed the anger against the world and the desire of kill and conquer "Yes…and now no one would stop us"

The two disappeared and then Xena woke up hesitated.

"What…what happened?" she rose and hold her head that was bumping .

"Wait a second!" replied the man surprised "Wait until you're full recover"

"Recovered?" with a puzzled face and with the eyebrows rose "Gabrielle! Where's she?" desperately asked the warrior.

"She is fine, I brought a doctor and he cured her injuries but I don't know what happened to you…" the main was interrupted by the warrior "Neither do I"

The warrior stood up and tried to remember what happened to her. She remembered her angry then she thought than maybe her collapse was because of her feeling.


Xena stood up and went to where Gabrielle was, she caressed her face and touched the blonde bangs that covered it, suddenly the bard woke up, she felt the warm hand of the warrior and held it with hers.

Xena smiled "Hi, how was the nap?"

Gabrielle giggled a little but she began to cough with a husky voice "Good…how are you?"

"Better" the warrior answered and hold the hand of the bard tightly.

The warrior approached and kissed Gabrielle's forehead, "Thanks for always being there"

Gabrielle didn't understand this "hmmm?" "Never mind" replied the warrior for the puzzled face of her friend.

The next day Ares went to a village there the evil Xena he has made, said to all the villagers with a sarcastic voice.

"Hello, good day I'm here because you're going to be the first village I'll conquer"

"Who the hell are you?" asked an irritated farmer.

Evil Xena approached slowly wrinkled her eyerbows and held the farmer's throat "I'm your worst nightmare, and the last thing you'll see" she drew her sword and sliced the farmer's throat.

The villagers gasped, and they give up. Ares appeared "You're much better that what you used to be, I have a gift for you"

"Yeah? What is it?" asked the evil warrior smiling wickedly.

"This" Ares appeared a small army "Now you'll take the world"

"I hope so " answer while she was kissing Ares when the things heated up a bit they disappeared.


Xena and Gabrielle recovered, Gab was a little bit hurt but most of her bruises have almost disappeared, Xena went for Argo and make the bard ride the mare.

They gave thanks to all the villagers and go to the road, before leaving the village a familiar silhouette showed up.

The two smiled and run to the old friend "Hercules what are you doing here?"

Hercules look serious he took a big breath and finally said "Xena I'm here to take you to the court"

"What?!" Gabrielle exclaimed "Why?!"

"Xena please don't make this more difficult" he took a pair of chains and tied Xena

Xena puzzled said "Good joke, take this out of me"

Hercules with deception holds the chains "I thought you've changed"

Seeing that it wasn't a joke Gabrielle put herself in front of Xena and asked, "Hercules what's up? Why you're taking Xena?"

"I can't believe she didn't tell you, she killed many villagers and destroy the village of Nepulos" said the hero.

"It can't be" Gabrielle said laughing sarcastically "Look Gabrielle I know you love Xena, and that she is your best friend but many people saw her"

"Herc, I wasn't there" said Xena seriously and worried.

"It's true we were injured, we were attacked by Discord and Ares" talk to the innkeeper.

Hercules saw that Gabrielle was telling the truth and confused said "If you weren't there…¡Ares!; Xena I need your help look if you weren't there is obvious that this was Ares work, we should help Corinth, the other Xena is making an army is exactly like you when you were a warlord, but she's pure evil"

Xena worried because she didn't know how Ares made this alter-Xena. The three went to Corinth in the road the camped, and Herc told Xena the long story about the village Ares attacked. The next day the arrived to Corinth they were received by the governor and told them that the called "Destroyer of Nations" have sent some warnings and advertisements that they have two options give up and join her or die.

Hercules and Xena began to make some plans to stop this alter-Xena , they made an emergency army in case that they need to protect the city, in the afternoon the three went to spy the army they got awesome by the giant army, then at the far they saw Ares kissing the Alter-Xena.

"I love you" said the god lustily "no you don't, but it works for me" answered the tall warrior with a husky voice.

Between kisses "You know what I think? I'm better than the original Xena. Tomorrow we'll take Corinth if nothing goes wrong then"

"I know you're better that her, you're the pure essence of what she used to be" answered the God who took her face and kissed her in a passionately and wild kiss.

Xena, the original, saw Ares and showed Hercules that she wasn't the one that destroyed the village. "Son of a bitch" angrily said the warrior.

"I can't believe it, how did he make another Xena" asked the bard worried and curious.

"I don't know", said Herc.

"The army is very big, oh gods this is a big problem" said the warrior quietly.

After their spying routine they returned to the city and prepared the defenses, they knew that it was gonna be difficult to stop them, but if they didn't try it maybe Ares will conquer the world.


In the morning near the walls a soldier shouted, "Alert" before she got an arrow in his chest.

The alarm sound in all the city, Gabrielle, Herc and Xena command the troops, they knew they'll attack in the morning so they prepared the defenses and one of the bloodiest battles began.

"Archers" commanded Xena.

The archers shoot hundreds of arrows, Ares didn't expect the attack, and immediately thought "Xena!"

Hercules commanded the soldiers and they exit the city and began to fight.

Gabrielle commanded the emergency troops if Ares gets through the barricade, she will take the decision of fight or leave.

Xena got out of the city and began to fight, Herc did the same; Ares saw the fight from a safe point and there the Evil Xena saw her creator fighting hardly.

After a pair of hours the armies were exhausted. Xena shouted "Retry" and the walking soldiers run to the gate, Xena cover some of the soldiers and help some of the injured to get in. Hercules carry some men that were severely injured. Ares saw his half brother and immediately wanted to kill him; he said "Honey, please kill that try of god"

"Of course" said the destroyer with an evil smile, she took a crossbow and aimed to the hero, she shot, and Hercules fell and saw the arrow in his shoulder.

Xena looked that her friend was in danger and hold him. She carry him to the gate. After Xena entered holding Herc the gate was closed, Gab run when she saw he was injured and that he was spiting blood. Xena took him to the improvised hospital that they made the night before.

Xena saw Herc breathless "Don’t' worry big guy you'll be alright" Xena held his hand

"I...know...i'm in your hands…"breathing faster

"Gabrielle bring some clothes and call some people to help the soldiers" shouted the warrior.

Gabrielle did what Xena wanted and helped her to cure Hercules, after all the worry he was alright, Xena and Gabrielle take care of Herc all night, but they knew that they need to prepare an ambush for the soldiers of Ares.

In the midnight Gabrielle woke up, she was afraid, she knew that the army of Ares was bigger, and strangely she had a feeling of not wanting tomorrow to arrive. She knew that maybe it was the last day she could see Xena; and that feeling make a hole in her throat; Xena woke up and saw Gabrielle sitting by the fire; she stood and asked "What's up? You can't sleep?"

"Xena…no…well yes…I'm afraid", said the bard in a husky voice.

Xena noticed that tears were forming in the bard's green eyes with a gentle voice she comforted her "Hey, you shouldn't be sad, nothing is going to happen"

"But what if we die, Ares army is bigger than ours…"with a tear running through her cheek.

"Shhh don't worry" , holding the bard's hand and getting a little bit closer , "I promise that nothing is going to happen to us, and if that happens we'll go the way together, there's something I have wanted to tell you for a long time ago I…"Xena was just interrupted by a big explosion.

"Shit let's go outside" exclaimed the warrior, confused the bard followed the warrior; she went to the wall and saw that "the Destroyer" was using some catapults

Ares shouted "Come on Xena give up, you can't win and you know it, here is the essence that one made you very powerful"

Xena knew Ares was right , her soldiers were about to attack but she stops them she get out of the city and stand in front of Ares army, she draw her sword and shouted "Okay Ares lets see who is better, I don't think it’s necessary a blood bath. I challenge your 'Xena', if I win you get out of here" The god interrupted "and if I win you and your friends will be dead"

"The destroyers" appeared and drew her sword.

Xena began to flint her sword, Gabrielle's heart went to the bottom and the hole in her throat grew she said to herself "Xena please take care…I need you, maybe I can't tell you how but…"

"Come on imitation" Xena growled her alter.

Xena made the first blow and her enemy defended quite well

The two stay blocked by their swords and both walked in circles.

"Pathetic!" shouted "the destroyer"; "I can't believe once I was like you" Xena whispered.

"But now I’m better that you, because I don't have that silly sentimentalism that you have"

"I prefer to be sentimentalist than the cold murderer that I used to be" shouted the warrior with tears in her eyes.

Xena flipped and kicked the destroyers back, this punched Xena's face strongly.

The warrior began to bleed, her sight was a little bit dizzy, "What's up little warrior, a simple punch broke your nose?", said the destroyer sarcastically.

Xena spit some blood and clean her nose with a hand, her enemy was right her nose was broken, she said with a husky voice "This is just the beginning"

"Crying? I really can't believe it, YOU'RE a sentimentalist this makes me sick!!; you're right this is just the beginning" after saying this the Evil Xena kicked the warrior a couple of times and made her fell.

Gabrielle saw the battle very worried, and when the Evil Xena crushed her friend badly she shouted with tears in her cheeks "No!!!"

The evil warrior saw the bard and approached to her pointing her sword to the bard "Mmmm what will happen if I take the life of the person Xena love the most?"

Xena got up and jump in front of the bard "I'll rip your heart"

"Who was the nap?" asked the evil Xena.

"Gabrielle get out" whispered, "No I'm not gonna leave you" said the bard while holding the warrior's hand.

Xena felt the hand of the bard and in her mind she knew that maybe she couldn't win to her enemy, the reason was very easy, How she could win herself?. She turns to Gabrielle and caress the bard's face, she wiped the tears of her face "Gabrielle please get out, I can't fight if you are here, you can become a target"; "Okay please take care" answer the bard holding tightly the warrior's hand.

"Awww so cute" said the Evil Xena "Stop doing that sickening stuff fight Xena!"

Xena twist her sword and attacked, the evil Xena got tired of this stuff and made a blow that broke Xena's sword in two; Xena got amazed and terrified at the same time.

The point of her sword fell to the floor, and the evil Xena aimed to Xena's neck

"Now tell me who's the best" she lift her sword and with this Xena's face. "No mercy to you" She was pushed a little bit and Xena's spot began to bleed.

"Neither for you!" shouted the warrior as she held her enemy's sword with her hand, although her hand was bleeding badly she didn't pay attention to it, she kicked her enemy on the stomach, freeing herself for a while.

"Xena give up!" shouted the god of war "You know you can't win"

"Ares, you don't get tired of this?" asked Xena sarcastically.

"Okay this was your last chance; "Evil Xena" kill her!" the god shouted.

"Ah my pleasure" said "the destroyer" with a wicked smile.

Xena knew that the situation was desperate, she was more injured than her enemy, she couldn’t use her left hand, and she was bleeding a lot, not very dangerous but this made her feel weak, she was breathless, but she knew that she must win for the greater good.

"Okay, let's finish this" growled Xena.

The battle was restarted she and the evil Xena made a Kung fu fight, both were kicked, punched, injured and harmed.

The evil Xena jump to Xena and tried to suffocate her, Xena was fighting for staying alive; she draw her boot knife and stabbed her in her side.

Xena got up slowly and hesitate a little bit; she held from a wall and took a deep breath.

The other Xena woke up and squeezed her wound.

"You're good, you're damn good!" Shouted the injured Xena (the evil ¿ok?) she spit some blood and looked that the warrior had injured her badly.

Xena approached a little bit falling but she stood still; she held her forehead and dizzy drew her chackram and aimed to the evil Xena, she shoot and the chackram stuck on "the destroyer's" chest, she spitted a lot of blood and then she fell on her knees dead.

Ares saw surprised and sad that his dreams were gone again "You win, see you next time" then he disappeared; the army of Ares seeing that she was dead, escaped.

Xena whispered "It's over" then she fainted.


Hercules woke up and saw the battlefield, he saw Xena on the ground and expecting the worst he commanded some men to bring her, Gabrielle ran to where her friend was; she took her hand and checked her pulse she was alive, weak but alive. She held Xena's face and hugged her body; Hercules arrived with some men and took Xena's chackram from the Evil Xena's chest.

"I should have been there" Hercules reproached to himself; "You were injured, I am the one that should have helped her" said the bard. "Let's take her inside", said the hero angry to himself.

They let Xena rest, Hercules help the men that were injured and went to see her friends; Gabrielle was with Xena, "How's she?" asked a little bit worried the hero.

"She haven't awake" answered the bard crying.

"She'll be all right, don't worry" respond Herc hugging Gabrielle, Like an interruption Xena said barely audible "Gabrielle…" and then she fainted again.

Herc said I'll let you both alone, if you need me call me, he get out of the room.

The bard saw Xena's bruised face and cupped it; she didn't want to do it because she didn't want to ruin their friendship, but she needed to do it or her heart will jump out of her body; she approached her face to the warrior's and was about to kiss the warrior's lips but Xena felt an ache and she moaned, and awoke.

Gabrielle recovered her position and did nothing; instead she held the warrior's hand tighter.

"Xena I'm here…take it easy…calm" whispered to her friend.

She smiled weakly "Gabrielle"

Gabrielle was about to tell something when the warrior interrupted "I love you"

Gabrielle breathless hoping other meaning to this words, hoping a real love, wanting to kiss her but knowing that maybe the warrior loved her as a friend or as a family. She just answered "I love you too"

Xena saw the indifferent phrase and saddens, taking a big breath "Do you remember what I was about to tell you before the battle?"

"Yes, that nothing was going to happened to us and you were right" answer the bard smiling.

"Yes I told you that, but I was going to tell you something more important; look I know that this may spoil our friendship, and maybe you'll go after I tell you this, but I'm…", the bard saw the blue eyes with forming tears she didn't resisted and interrupted the warrior pulling their lips closer in a sweet kiss; the touch that Xena has dreamed for a long time, she closed her eyes enjoying the time, The bard felt no response of the warrior and broke the touch.

"I'm…sorry…Xena…but I can't lie anymore…I…I'm in love with you" the bard said huskily "I'm sorry if I’m taking this wrong but…"; The warrior interrupted her, bringing her friend's lips in a passionate kiss "Say nothing…I love you, I'm being in love with you for a long time ago"

The face of the bard lightened; "Why you didn't say nothing?" asked Xena

"Because I didn't want to spoil our friendship, and I realize how much I love you and need you when I thought I would lose you" said the bard smiling.

"Same…thought", said the warrior gently; They knew that they relation wasn't going to be easy but they trust in their love, and put all the hopes in the first real kiss they had.

The End