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I almost remembered when was the last time I opened my eyes, the last time I was outside, now, now I'm a prisoner who would ever think it? Me prisoner? No one would ever dreamed it, I just can't believe it what went wrong? …Ah well never mind.

I can see a man from here, he arrived today to this dark prison I cant's see him 'cause of the darkness, but I think he's a little bit ol' for the voice, he is hopeless and he know me but he's afraid of asking; instead he asked me a few minutes ago how the hell I was here?

"Are you going to answer me or what?" Asked me the old man again. "Do you really want to know?" I asked while I was scrubbing my sore eyes and trying to broke the handcuffs that tight me.

"Yes, or… you have to go to another place?" answered me the man with a small smirk.

"No… really I have nothing to do" I answered him a little rude, and sarcastic tone in my voice.

"This gonna be a little bit fun" and without thinking anymore I began to tell the story that begins two weeks ago "I was in an inn with my best friend, I was talking with her about…things in that moment a man arrived and start bothering us; and I …well I kick his ass." I can't resist it and I laugh when I tell him that I never thought that I would speak with a complete stranger about my life.

"What else happened" asked me impatiently my new friend.
"The only thing that I didn't know was that the man that I kicked was the son of a powerful general, and the general was the ruler of that land so they tried to caught me" I said rising my eyebrow an between giggles.

"Obviously they didn't make it, it's a little bit…difficult; but the problem the REAL problem began when this general talk with all his friends that obviously were also generals, they made a plan, an entrapment the big key of the trap was my friend; they searched the young and cutest general to make her fall in love."

"And what she betrayed you like when..?" asked like a little boy the man.

"Of course not!" I interrupted him.
"She acted a few days as the puppet of that man…well the man was really gorgeous so I understand her; he acted very good to be true but I didn't pay him attention; that was my fault!" I said a little bit angry.

"He said he was a cook so he made us a splendid dinner; we used to eat whatever we found, so I agree to visit his "house" and eat with him; but this was the first part of the plan he put something to our food but we didn't noticed it until later… much later!.." but I had to interrupt my adventure because finally I got rid of those handcuffs.

"What are you going?!" asked me worried the man.
"Nope…I'm going to finish my story" said while I was biting my lip, and rising my eyebrow as a signal of agreement"

"We finished and we were saying good bye when he gave a signal in that moment an army came from the bushes and round us; I saw them and they looked with fear they knew my reputation but in a brave and stupid way they attacked me; I don't know how many I knock off, but I disable a half army…but later I finally understood why he gave us in the dinner, he put a substance that makes you feel dizzy and sleepy, the son of a…well I began to lose my focus and I realise that we were in trouble in a BIG trouble, but I know I can always count on my friend because she won't disappoint me, she will do anything to never do it; Do you believe it?" I asked him in a sarcastic way and with a small ironic smile in my face.

"Wrong! When I turn to tell her the escape plan she'd fallen asleep!!; can you believe it? I looked her with an unbelievable face and I turned to the battle and I defend myself but then I.... I fell asleep too" I comment him with a shy face.

"And..?" asked the man as if he wanted to know more.

"They hit me, they put us this horrible handcuffs and take us to this prison and I awoke today; my friend is in the other wing of this place, and I don't know how is she now " I said him a little bit sad.

"But for making things worse they judge us and gave us 1 year!; what kind of corruption we have hu?"

"So you'll be here a lot of time" said the man instantly.

"Not in this life.." I heard something it was her, she escaped from the other room; she threw me the key of that room.

"So you're going hu?" asked me the man

"Yes I think that I'm going" I replied him while I was looking the smiling face of my friend that was being reflected with the light of the sun.

"You never told me your name" said the man worried.
I stand and I was going to tell him my name when my friend yelled with a smile

"Let's go warrior princess"

He stood with the mouth open and with a ironic face.

"As I told you I always can count on my friend" answered to the man with a small smile.

We left the man and Gabrielle asked me "what have you done?"

"Nothing… an average day; don't you think?" I said her while we were running to the town.

"Yes I missed you" she said.

" Yeah " I told her ironically.

I didn't answer her immediately but when we arrived to the town I told her "Me too"

"What??" she asked with an interrogating face.

"Ah nothing" I answered her ironically disappointed.

"Promise me we won't eat nothing we can't see how's prepared," said Gabrielle with a funny and sick face.
"Promised…Why?" I asked with a terrible curiosity inside me.

"Hmmm because… I think…. I'm getting sick!!!!" cried loudly while she runs to the first tree she saws.

"As I said an average day" said to myself while I ran toward her happy of being with my best friend again and to be alive

The End