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Timeline: After "Motherhood" last episode of the 5° season.

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It doesn't matter…


This night is really perfect only, only with one exception; we have changed (sigh).

We are not the same friends we used to be, we used to be the best friends even…even soulmates, I can't believe it.

What happened?

I can see her from here. I'm sitting on the other side of the camp we made, she is polishing her sword and I'm lighting the fire, Oh gods I'm so sad!

Control Gabrielle, you can't cry! Control yourself, control yourself, control…Ok it's gone.

I don't know what's in her mind but she has been acting really weird since that day, the day we came out of the ice; or for thinking it better since we were resurrected. Mmm it seems that she is tired to making herself fool with the sword, she has thrown it.

Her attitude towards me has changed. I don't know, but I have noticed that she is like afraid of touching me, of being near to me. I wish I could asked her that maybe we could solve it…(sighing heavily)

We used to have fun with some games, since that day we haven't played the things we used to play, we haven't talk like the way we used to talk neither our friendship is the same that it used to be. (Hands on her face)


I try not to see her, Why? I can't…

I'm ashamed of all the things I've done (pulling harder the sword and throwing it to the ground)

I've caused her a lot of pain…Oh gods how I dare to do all that!

Don’t cry Xena, it's not good for the warrior image, control yourself control yourself…

She seems so calmed but at the same so strange, it's like I'm not looking to my best friend is more like a stranger.

Shit! How could I drag her trough half of Greece; I made her kill her daughter and now I almost kill her by myself. Why did I throw her my chackram?! (Looking at her weapon)

I didn't think on what I was doing I just...I just reacted…

I can't endure causing her so much pain, every day, every week, every month. I'm just making her life miserable, I've seen her crying in the night and I can't help her because I know I'm the problem…I'm the reason of her pain.

I think it's time...I can't live like this anymore…no, no more.

Gods this is going to hurt a lot, I mean it a lot (hugging herself)

Be strong Xena, you can't do anything but being strong…(smiling sarcastically to herself). You used to command one of the greatest armies in the world and you're afraid of this. Gabrielle was too close, to die in the last days too close. Very close…Damn!

"What's so funny?" I asked trying to break some of the ice that is between us.

"Nothing" she responds seriously.

She cut the communication as always "Ok. If you laugh at nothing it's not my problem"

She's again acting that rude; I can feel she does it because she is angry.

"Gabrielle we need to talk", said the warrior sitting in the other side of the camp.

"Finally you said something in days!", replied the bard sad and angry at the same time.

"I think we must being apart…"said the warrior finally and sighed after looking at her friend, then she down her gaze at the ground.

"What? More?..." asked confused the bard "What are you telling me?"

I want to cry, no I can't, I have to finish this, the sooner the better "That we must be apart"

"Why!" asked the bard with tears in her eyes an almost shouting. Xena what the hell are you telling me, I wanted you to talk but not to say this.

"Because I don't want to cause you more pain"

"More pain? And what the hell are you doing now?"

"Doing something I should have done a long time ago; look I don't want you to be in risk anymore. You can die and I won't' take that risk!" replied the warrior angrily and dying from the inner part of her soul.

"Why?" asked the bard crying from the deepest part of her heart.

"Because you're my responsibility..." interrupted abruptly by the bard "Why because you rescued me from Potedia, because you taught me everything I know? Xena I'm not a girl anymore"

"I know" answer the warrior barely audible and sharply, her voice is trembling as her own body too, she hasn't lifted her gaze.

"Look at me when I'm talking this is serious!" commanded the bard shouting.

The warrior lifted her gaze and saw her friend crying. This broke her heart, she has done it again. Her eyes were about to cry an before this happens she stands up meeting the bard that is in front of her. She answers to the bard's questions shouting "No, it's because you're my friend and because I love you!"

"Look Xena…a long time ago I accepted the consequences of traveling with you and that doesn’t scare me" said the bard seriously.

"It scares me!" reply the warrior worried.

"Scares you?!" said the bard again almost sarcastically.

The warrior took a deep breath and close her eyes then she finally said "I have caused you a lot of pain these last days. It’s like I'm the same, that pain…and I'm not going to take the risk of your death… and these last days you were too close of dying"

Tired and angry of listening the same thing all over again, Gabrielle said something without thinking. "It seems like you're putting all our problems and multiplying them just to get rid of me"

"Never think that!" replied the warrior finally crying after listening to those words "Never…said that again" she start walking in circles.

The bard dying from inside, tried to end the conversation. She is too hurt now continue talking. "So...this is over…"

"Yes, Im sorry" replied the warrior to the last statement.

The bard seeing that this was too close of losing her best friend continued the discussion (Laughing sarcastically) "I never thought this could happen, you told me that even in death we will be together..."

The warrior stopped her actions and forgot about breathing "Yes, but what if I cause your death. I can't endure that!"

Seriously the bard replied "I can"

"But I can not" emphasize the warrior crying bitterly looking her friend sobbing again she said. "Look I have tried to protect you but the only thing I've done is hurt you; because of me we were put on ice 25 years, because of me I almost chop you head of, because of me you ALMOST die!"

"No you don't" said the bard trying to ease the things, she approaches and put her hand in the warrior's shoulder.

Xena feeling the hand of the bard in her shoulder felt all the love she had for her, but the decision was made. "Understand it. I hurt you! Don't say I don't because I almost killed you with my chackram" (holding it for more visual explanation)

"You know…you're almost acting like when you know about your vision!" holding the chackram and the warrior's hands with it.

"Another. And what happened? I tried to protect you and we get killed!…We died!"

"Yes but we resurrected" trying to convince her friend.

"Yes…but next time there won't be an Eli that can help us!"

"I don't care I won't let you Xena. Something that would really kill me will be that. As I told ya I can endure all the consequences…and if I could return to the past knowing all the pain that our life may cause…I will accept it again"

Xena looking that no thing in the world can make her friend change her decision, smiled "What I'm going to do with you?" sighing

"DON’T leave me", said the bard softer, cupping the warrior's face.

"I don't understand why you stay?" asked the warrior holding the hands of the bard.

"Because that's what friends do, they support each other no matter the problems and also because I love you, also because you'll be bored with out me" said the bard smiling.

"Thanks" said the warrior sadly and gently "I'm sorry…I'm sorry of all t