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Subtext: What's subtext? Ahhh you mean you think they are just friends...are you sure you and I have seen the same show? =)

No really this is a story in which they love each other...I'm pretty open minded so this don't bothers me...

Timeline: After the Ep of the Sixth Season: When Fates Collide

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"Gabrielle we need to talk"


"First, thanks to make the world the one we know..." "Now what I'm gonna ask you is pretty that alter life were a famous writer with a simple life and a huge success...but above all without pain...if you have never know me you had never meet the pain with Dahak,"

"And I had never became a warrior.."

"That too if I have never entered in your life you'll have never spilled blood, kill someone...."

"Nor i would have become Queen of the Amazons..."

Xena remained silent.

"Xena remember what I told you there....although my 'masterpieces' where about love, and friendship in that world i never have them...I destroyed the loom because as i said i prefer this one better"

"But..." Xena tried to interrupt but a finger stopped her.

"No buts Xena...yeah you are right, but if i have never know you i would never be who I I feel complete...i prefer the world with is pain, with it's sorrow and problems than a world with out you there..."

"I know that you may think that I'm crazy or something like that but I prefer, to be the person who I am now, to be with you, to be a warrior, to sleep on the floor I LIKE TO be in this world instead...instead of having all the accommodations, and being a great writer, if I had know that this path will be mine, if i had the choice to know what would happen and everything i will change nothing...I like my life here with you" said the bard definitively putting a hand on Xena's cheek

"Thanks..." answered the warrior looking into Gabrielle's eyes.

"But on the other hand Xena, what would you prefer?"

"I prefer this one as I told ya....although I had an entire army, although I was empress, I had Caesar, power, and everything any mortal could dream but I didn't have you there with me....When I knew that Caesar changed our fates I was destroyed because you didn't know me but i had a great relief that i saved you from all that pain...but the pain of not having you in my life lead me to give up and stop fighting....that's the main reason of why I let them crucified me"

"You endured all because of me?"

a simple nod

"I love ya know?"

"Love you too"

the end....