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What have happened to us?


What I need? I don't know I'm a little confused but it can't be I can not be bored!

Being bored at Xena's side, it can't be, I have always had excitement, fun, passion, ah I could make her a song imagine In a land of gods warlords and kings a land in turmoil…Ha ha who would like that kind of song…damn I'm getting off the subject!

Well who the hell do you think you are? First you used to be an ordinary bard, then Xena arrives and you wanna be a warrior and then you don't wanna be that; well I'm not saying that I don't like the warrior stuff, but maybe it's that I'm bored…but bored of what?

Of Xena?…no, it can't be…It must be something else, it's like I want something new, but what can it be, I need something but I don't know what is it?

"Gabrielle, are you in this world?" asked the warrior sitting on a log looking at the bard that was walking in circles. "Did you listened to me?"

The camp was set, and the sound of wood burning calmed the bard. The warrior was sitting in front of her, working on her sword.

"Nope, sorry, I was thinking" said the bard hiding her thoughts with a smile mask.

"Well I think that if you didn't hear me it must be important" replied the warrior smiling.

Gabrielle can't erase the word 'bored' of her mind "Yeah, it’s quite important" the bard's face turned seriously.

"Wanna say something? Does it involve me?" asked the warrior a little bit worried.

"Yes…it involves you"

"What? What happen? What have I done?" asked with a hole in the throat and she felt again her stomach with butterflies, she worried a little when that happened to her because she didn't knew what that was for, but she breathed deeply and controlled herself.

"I think I must leave you…don't worry, only for a while" said the bard.

"What?" puzzled the warrior felt the most horrible feeling she has ever felt: she was afraid of losing her best friend, the person she loved the most. "Do you wanna tell me why?" asked the warrior trying to control the tears that were forming in her eyes.

"I must go…look lately I've felt a little bored"

the warrior interrupted "Of me?"

"No, well I really don't know, I just need to be alone for a while, I'm sorry but I need to do it" said the bard gently.

"All right…I…I understand" said the warrior while the sadness filled her body.

"I'll be back" replied the bard cupping shyly the warrior's face "Don't make a promise you can't make", answered Xena seriously with a small ironic smile, maybe laughing at herself because she needed to say something but she couldn't.

"Are you leaving tomorrow?" asked a frightened Xena.

"Yes" answer calmed, but hiding the sadness inside of her.

"Do you want that …maybe I could go with you until you reach the nearest village?"

"No thanks"

Xena knew that she couln’t let the bard go, but also she knew that she must let her go, why? Because she loved her.

The next day the bard awoke earlier than Xena, she took her bag and put some things inside of it.

She took her staff and checked that her friend was slept, she took a piece of a scroll and wrote:

Xena I'm sorry, I can't say good bye to you…it will tear my heart and also I didn't want you to see me crying although you've seen me.

I am very sorry.

I promise I'll return for good or bad, I'll do it…

I love you

After writing in the small paper she left the note in Xena's chackram knowing that she would see it there, then she approached to the warrior and kissed her cheek lightly.

"Good bye Gabrielle" Xena thought pretending to be asleep and a small tear run through her face.

The bard left an when she felt that she was far enough from the warrior, she felled onto the ground and began to cry desperately, she knew she will miss Xena, but she needed to rediscover herself and to do that she must leave the warrior for a while.

She decided to go back to her hometown, maybe she could find the answers she needed.

In the camp Xena rises and saw the note that Gabrielle has left. When she read the last word the heart of the warrior split in two. Although she was strong she couldn't conceived it; her best friend had left her and she didn't know why… The only thing she knew is that she would miss the bard a lot.

Gabrielle arrived to Potedia a quite sad but that feeling minimize when she saw her family.

"Gabrielle what a surprise!" exclaimed Hecuba.

"And why did you leave the warrior?" asked Herodotus a little bit rude.

"Sister! I'm glad to see ya" exclaimed Lila happily.

"Hello to all…I'm here for the weekend I think" exclaimed smiling the bard but hiding the sadness in her heart.

"Weekend?" asked her mother

"Well, you’ve finally decided to give up that warrior's stuff" replied her father

"No father, I'm here only for the weekend then I'll return to Xena" said the bard finally. 'I hope so' she thought.

"Well but you're here, come Gab I wanna hear all the adventures you've had lately" said Lila

"Go with your sister Gabrielle" said gently their mother.

While all this happiness was in Potedia, Xena was alone. She was remembering the last days with the bard.

'She said she was bored, but she didn't know of what; I don't wanna push her but I can't tell her what I feel, maybe I could go to Potedia…no I can't, I must let her decide that. Stupid warrior! Why can't you tell her that you're in love with her?

"What have I thought?!" exclaimed the warrior surprised by her thoughts, she was dying a little more since Gabrielle left and this made her discover her deeper feelings but this instead of making her happy made her feel sad.

"I can't believe it…I'm in love with my best friend! But what if she just love me as a friend or as her family…Damn! I love her and why didn't I tell her?"

She stood and began walking in circles. A tear began to run in her face "I need to tell her, but I don't want to push her…Shit I think I must wait until she returns"


"Wow what a story Gabrielle! I can't believe you've gone through all that adventures" Lila exclaimed surprised.

"Yeah. What adventures" the bard replied a little bit sad. Lila noticed this and got closer to her sister in a gentle tone she asked

"Wha'ts up? What happened?"

"I miss her" she admitted it.

"Xena?" asked wondering.

"Yes Xena"

"Then why did you leave her?" asked Lila "I’m not saying that you shouldn't be here, you know we are all happy that you came but…"

"I’m here because I wanted to be here…I needed time to think. To think about many things that have happened to me in these last years" she sighed "And I needed to find something inside me. I couldn't be with Xena as I used to. I don't know why things changed…"

"So you're staying this weekend. Great! We could go to walk as we used to" said her sister happily while she hugged Gabrielle.

The night fell and the peace came to Potedia. Gabrielle's family was very happy because of her sudden return, they have a great dinner time and Gabrielle told them a lot of the adventures she had had with Xena. As always her father was annoyed that in every talk the name of the warrior was the main topic.

The bard pretend to be asleep, but really she was thinking about the reason of her behavior, she missed Xena with her heart and soul she didn't knew why she left her side.

The only thing she knew was that she was bored about their relationship. Why? Because she needed something else. After hours of remembering every second of her life since she met the warrior she was sobbing like she hadn’t done it in a long, long time.

"Friendship is not enough" she murmured to herself.

She remembered all the things that her friend had made to make her feel happy, special and loved. Damn it Gabrielle!

Who the hell do you think you are, huh? Xena has risked her life trying to save you and how did you pay it? Being bored!…well it's not that I'm bored with her…it’s the way our friendship…I love her with all my heart and soul, but it's very hard to endure to be at her side without spoiling our friendship…I mean I really love her…and if I stayed one more night I couldn't be able to control myself and I had scared Xena.

She laugh at herself "What useful is a bard that can't express her true feelings, what useful is a bard that don't know her true feelings?" Sighing "You thought it's gonna be easy being without her, huh?"

After this she was heartbroken. The remorse of leaving without saying goodbye to Xena was killing her slowly, meanwhile Xena was worried, in her mind was crossing "What if you never see her again? What if you lose her forever, damn why if she don't love you as you does?" this feeling made her lose the control she trough up her hands and let the words she had inside her flow.

"Very brave warrior princess!! You have the courage enough to run an army!" shouting "To spill blood to fill the Caspian Sea but you can't tell your feelings to a short-blonde!"

She began to hit a tree "Why you can't tell her? Hit. You know why? Another hit. It's because you're afraid you have tried to buried your feelings!" she keep hitting the tree although her fist was soared and maybe broken.

When she felt it was enough she stopped, she knew she needed to tell Gabrielle her feelings, and that she couldn’t hide it anymore; She couldn’t pretend that it didn’t exist; and maybe this will make her friend to go, but she couldn’t live like that anymore. She decided to head to Potedia for good or bad, she must know the bard feelings.

The next day was endless. Gabrielle wanted it didn’t end because If that happened she had to decide weather to return with Xena or stay with her family. As prediction of her feelings a terrible storm started. The bard only was thinking of how her friend will be, at the night she was afraid, afraid of looking to Xena's eyes and also of never looking to them again.

The storm was stronger as Xena approached to the town, but she didn't care. She was completely soaked, tired and cold but the face of the bard made her continue.

Gabrielle was awoke in the middle of the night. She couldn't sleep. The worry was overwhelming, she went to the kitchen and took some water. A knock in the door surprised and scared her.

She went to open the door and find a extremely tired and soaked warrior who stood breathless at one side of the door "Hi" she said smiling nervously.

"What…what are you doing here?" asked surprised the bard. Her heart began to traitor her and a small flush spread trough her face.

"Well I'm…I'm here because…" Gabrielle interrupted her "Get inside please. You'll catch a cold!"

The bard held the warrior's hand, this made Xena smile and flush a lot, and felt her voice trembling.

"I needed to come here" said the warrior as they sit. "I think…we need to talk" the warrior hold her forehead trying to order her thoughts and feelings.

"Yes, I know…" said the bard scratching her head.

"Did you…did you think all you needed?" asked worried the warrior.

"Yes" sighing and closing her eyes. "And…what did you discover?" asked Xena shaking inside.

The bard took a huge breath 'you know you'll have to tell her this sooner than later she thought ' "this wasn't the way…I planned to say this…for being honest I didn't want this time to come. Giggling nervously. For being a bard my mind is in blank…"

The warrior was afraid of telling the truth and afraid of knowing it "Well…neither do I"

"The only thing I discovered is that…(tell her that you're in love with her…Damn it I can't, I can't ) I can't live at your side anymore…" said the bard honestly, the heart of the warrior broke when she heard this words, she stood up and go to the door.

"Where are you going?" asked the bard when she saw the warrior just leaving.

With tears in her eyes she bit her lip, then she opened the door and looked at the bard "Funny, isn't? You tell me you can't live with me anymore, and I came here just for telling you that I can't live with out you anymore"

The heart of the bard began to beat faster; she was going to tell her that she loved her when Xena suddenly said, "I see you took your decision…and I'm not going to change it but I just want you to know that…I love you, I really love you" after that she run out of the house.

"Xena please don't leave!" shouted the bard running to the door and she saw the warrior galloping on Argo. "Shit, you're and idiot!" shouted the bard with tears "Why you didn't say it!!" she can't endure that pain she fell in the floor hugging herself.

The warrior slowed in, and felt the rain mixing with her tears she was broken, she couldn’t think right, neither move…she stayed a long time there feeling the rain into her body torturing herself with images, desires and dreams that will never came true.

"What am I doing here?!" exclaimed Gabrielle to herself then in a impulsive moment she got out of the house following Xena's tracks.

After a while she saw a familiar horse. It was Argo but she didn't saw Xena, she approached and saw Xena in her knees crying desperately, with a voice barely audible she finally said "Xena"

Xena got out of her stance and saw the bard completely soaked, strange and at the same amazed by the beautiful woman in front of her, she stood and run to hug her. A small hope was born.

"I'm sorry" said the bard desperately "I'm an idiot!"

Xena smiling and bright of joy "The most beautiful idiot in the whole world"

They both laughed and Gabrielle finally said, "I love you"

"I know you do, but I don't know how…When you left I was afraid of never seeing you again… But I realized that I love you with all my heart and soul…I'm in love with you" said the warrior cupping her friends face and caressing gently the bangs on it.

"I can endure that you don't love me as I do, but I can't keep it as it doesn't exists, neither I can live without you…You have changed my life a lot; showed me things that I never thought I could learn" the bard hold her friends hands, smiling she said.

"Who said I am not I love with you?" contemplating the wet warrior in front of her. "Yes, I know I acted as a completely fool telling you all that crap. but I thought that if I told you what I felt maybe you shouldn't reciprocate it, and I knew that if I spend a minute more with you I wouldn't be able to control myself…".The bard was interrupted by the warrior's lips, she enjoyed the moment, in the most gentle and sweetest kiss she had ever felt.

"I love you", said the warrior, the bard felt her face red and she smiled shyly "I love you too". The warrior closed her eyes and tilt her face stealing another kiss, this time a deeper one; the bard closed her eyes and let her feelings flow. She held the warrior's face and deepened the kiss. Xena looking the response of the bard smiled and said "Now who's gonna control you, my bard?"

Gabrielle holds Xena's hands "A certain Warrior Princess"



Gabrielle awoke and smiled when she saw that she wasn't dreaming, Xena was at her side hugging her, she cuddle at her side and close her eyes remembering yesterday.

"Wake up sleepyhead" said the warrior gently.

"Okay I'm up" said a sleepy voice.

"Come, I have something for you" said Xena.





"A horse?"


"Maybe a kiss?."

" Well I can give it but no it's not. "

"I give up."

"Okay, close your eyes please"

"For what? You’re trying to take advantage of a little bard" asked Gabrielle almost awake.

"Well maybe, just trust me."

"Okay I do."

Xena took a big breath and try to remember the speech that she prepared in the night. She held Gabrielle’s hands and look at the most beautiful green pools.

"I know I can't promise you many things… I can't give you a house and a conventional life as you deserve, neither I can tell you that we'll never have problems, as I can't promise you money or jewels. But the only things I know I can promise are that I'll love you with all my heart forever and I'll try to make your life very, very happy.

And as a present take this"

Xena gave Gabrielle a necklace, it wasn't fine neither expensive, it was like a leather string with two blue rocks and one green in the middle.

"It's beautiful! When did you buy it?!" asked a surprised and smiling bard.

"In the night" replied the warrior.

"But you were sleeping."

"Not at all, I didn't sleep yesterday. "

"What did you do?"

"I spend all the night watching and contemplating you and when you were completely asleep I made it."

"You made it? Never mind, I know you have many skills."

Xena held the necklace and put it into Gabrielle's neck. "It’s beautiful"

"Not as beautiful as you" replied the warrior looking at the bard. As payment she received one sweet kiss. Xena was nervous, it wasn't the first time she kissed someone obviously, but she was nervous of kissing the one that she really loved. Gabrielle took the initiative and deepened the kiss and made it more passionate

After a kiss longer much longer than what the bard expected, Xena said, "I'll go to the town to buy some things, Can you wait for me here?"

"Yeah of course. Meanwhile I'll prepare the camp"

"Excellent, so I'll see you in a couple of hours"

The warrior was going to go to Potedia but she changed her mind, if Herodotus saw her he might tell her many things she wasn't in mood to hear. So she decided to go to south. There, the people saw her with horror. Xena didn't remembered, but this was a town she destroyed when she was evil.

A crowd surrounded her, and she took her defensive stance until a man spoke:

"You're Xena, isn't?"

"Yes I am, can I help ya? "

"No, well actually, yes, you came here some years ago and you destroyed and killed all my family"

The face of the warrior ashamed, then she remembered this village; this once was a target when she used to be the destroyer of nations.

The elder of the village came "You've been searched for a long time ago, we are going to judge you"

Xena was afraid. She remembered that in this village took place something similar to Corintius and Cirra. She gave the villagers a day to give up. They didn't do it so they were smashed by the greatest army of Xena and she by her own hands killed in cold blood to the last elder.

"You're a criminal!!" shouted the crowd "Murdered!. Evil!. Assassin.! Criminal!!"

Xena knew that the things will be a little bit difficult. She had no arguments to this, she killed cold blooded and that was a crime; a furious but afraid town was coming after her; She couldn’t hurt nobody, because if she did things will be worse.

When everything seemed to be working just fine this happens. Xena knew that she couldn’t escape from this one.

The guards of the village came to her and chained her "Take this Warrior Princess"

"Wait" she told them. "I know I'm guilty, look I have a friend that is waiting me…"

"We don't care. Witch, you killed my three sons!" exclaimed an old woman

"I'm sorry" exclaimed ashamed the warrior, looking to all the pain she caused "Can I talk to in private to the elder?"

"No, you can't" exclaimed an old man and many words like this echoed into her head

"Of course you can" said the elder "Come here"

They entered to a hut and all the people of the town stayed outside angrily holding swords, knifes rocks and everything they found.

"I know I'm guilty of everything but I need something…" the warrior was about to cry. "Look, my best friend it's outside the town and she's waiting for me. I promised to return…I only need to say her good bye"

"It seems that you're telling the truth. Do you know how are the laws here?" asked the elder seriously.

"No, I don't know" answer the warrior honestly.

"You know that they'll declare you guilty…"replied seriously and worried the elder "Yes I know"

"Here we don't have death as punishment but you'll be in jail until the rest of your days"

The throat of Xena closed, she began to speak huskily because of the news. The memories of Gabrielle broke her heart. Finally. when they went another step forward to their relationship they must being apart.

She knew that if she told the truth to Gabrielle she would do everything to be with her, and with that she may ruin her life.

And also she knew that she couldn’t win this battle, no, she'll be condemned. The tears began to flow through her face.

"Okay, I just need to say good bye to my friend" sighed and said the warrior sadly.

"I'll send a small army with you, as you know, I can't lyou go so easily."

"Okay, I got it" sighing with desperation and resignation.

In the road to the camp she was torturing herself 'Oh shit! What I'm gonna do; now that we can be together this came…if I tell her the truth she's gonna be with me until the end, but if she does that, she'll be damned for the rest of her life…

She's gonna waste her life I can't endure that, I promise her not to lie to her again, but I think I must gonna do it. What I'm gonna do?. Sighing deeply while a tear came down from her cheek. Oh boy, this is going to hurt a lot because what I'm gonna do is like if she would have died in Thessaly. This is gonna be harder than when she married Perdicus.

And maybe I will lose her…but I can't let her waste her life and hopes in a lost reason like me. I need to take the risk'

She sobbed quietly as the men of the small army watched her with some compassion and mercy.

"We're about to arrive" said Xena seriously.

"So?" asked the captain of the patrol.

"Can you let me talk to her alone?" asked the warrior resigned.

"Yes of course. But only ten minutes…Maximum!" replied the captain.

She told them to wait in a safe place where Gabrielle couldn’t see them. Then she remembered the speech she had prepared. She approached to the camp. Beside a tree she contemplated the bard sadly.

"Where have you been?" asked the bard running towards her, smiling and hugging her.

"I…I" she was about to tell her prepared stuff, but a gently kiss from the bard interrupted her. The warrior tasted this kiss as maybe the last one she would have. This was a weird behavior from the warrior because she never gave up on anything but this time she knew she couldn't get out of this problem.

The bard tasting the sweet lips of her friend smiled "Wow…that was a big one, I wish I could know what you did to try it again"

The warrior smiled at the joke "Yes, maybe…Gabrielle we need to talk"

"What…what's happening" she asked wondering about the attitude of Xena.

"Gabrielle, I need to go to help a village far away from here" said the warrior seriously but unbelievable.

"Great, I'll go with you" the bard replied.

"No!" almost shouting and taking the bard's hands.

"Why?" asked the bard sadly.

"Because I don't wanna risk your life anymore…" trying to convince the bard.

"Xena we have talked about this many times and…"

Seeing that the bard wasn't buying it, the warrior rudely said "I'm not gonna take you"

"Xena this may sound funny, but it seems that you wanna get rid of me" said Gabrielle cupping the warrior's face.

The warrior worried because Gabrielle wasn't believing all her stuff. Finally made the worst mistake in her life, something she would never think she'll do "Well I don't wanna tell you about this like this…" avoiding the bard's hands, rising to her full height and with a sarcastic voice. "I think I don't love you as I thought, and also I think I'm a little bit tired of you"

Gabrielle felt her heart broke in a million of pieces, the tears began to flow from her face and slapped the warrior strongly. The face of Xena was turned to the other side.

Xena tried to control herself because that slap hurt her in the most inner part of her soul, but now the decision was made and she must follow her new plan. "Please try to hit harder. You knew this will never work" pretending that the slap didn't hurt her.

"Damn it Xena! Go to hell!" shouted the bard with a voice full of hate to the warrior. She kept hitting the warrior on the chest "Fuck you!" said between tears and throwing her necklace to the floor into Xena's face.

Xena was dying from the inside trying to control herself from hugging and kissing the bard.

Finally the bard got her things and left; after seeing the bard leaving and waiting for a safe distance Xena took the necklace and broke into tears and crying in the most bitter and angry way in her life.

After this, Xena made the signal for the army and they arrived.

"I'm sorry" said one warrior that looked all the scene.

"Don't be" said barely audible Xena with a lost look.

They chained the warrior in feet, wrists and neck. Most of the soldiers were surprised about what they had seen, but most of them said nothing; they went to the town. In the road, Xena was thinking she seemed like she wasn't in this world, and that was true…

'What have I done? I lost her forever…FOREVER! This hurts, as I never thought it could hurt'. Trying to hold her heart 'How I dare to do her that, now she thinks I'm a monster. I told her that we will be together even in death and I couldn't make that!'

They arrived to the town. There they put Xena in the prison; in the night the elder came to see her.

"How are you?" asked looking to the destroyed warrior.

"How do I look?" asked quietly.

Trying to change the subject "Well…I have good news. We have brought someone special for your trial"

"And who's that special person?" asked the warrior scratching her neck.

"It's me", said a voice coming from the door.

She lifted her gaze and a sad small smile drew into her face "Hercules!"

The big guy approached to her and hugged her.

"Thanks…I needed that", said the warrior "Why are you here?"

"Well the elder asked me to be one of your judges, first because I know you and second because he told me that I always do good judging because I think in everyone and for the greater good"

"Well he's right" smiled the warrior

"I'll let you alone, if you need me I'll be in the court" interrupted the elder.

"You know why I'm here, right?" asked the warrior.

The hero sits beside her friend and places an arm around her "Yes, I know"

"So you know it's hopeless"

"Not it's not. Where's Gabrielle? I tried to found her, but I didn't…"

"She is not with me anymore…I…I told her horrible things to make her leave me…"sniffled.

"Why Xena?" asked puzzled the hero.

"Because we both know that I would never get out of here, and I didn't want her to waste her life…" after saying this the warrior began to cry again. Her eyes were really soared. In a few hours she had cried more than in her whole life.

"We’ll get out of here…I promise I will take you out", said the hero holding Xena tightly.

"Thanks, Herc…Thanks"

"Well, I have to go" said the hero and got out of the prison.

"You know this is hopeless. Even if I get outta here, I can't recover Gabrielle"

"If you explain her…never is too late, remember that!" said the big man smiling gently.

'I hope so…' thought the warrior, and then she thought about what would Gabrielle be doing right now and she worried because she knew the bard was mad and that maybe she'll hate her, and this was driving her crazy.

Meanwhile the bard stopped in a town. She couldn't go to Potedia because she couldn’t see her family, she felt ashamed.

She went to an inn and asked for a room. She took a bath and began to cry.

She didn't know why Xena betrayed her like that. She loved her a lot, but the anger and hatred was a little better now because she felt hurt.

She tried to relax but the pain was too much. She felt her heart broken in million pieces and broke again.

"Damn you Xena, I hate you!" said barely audible while a tear run down her face.

After her bath, she needed to think what she'll be doing. She had many options. Go to the Academy of Performing Bards, go to Amazon land or return to her family. The last one was erased from her mind and the stronger option was the academy, so she waited for the sun to raise to go to the academy for the second time.


"I don't need you Xena. I'll make my life alone…did you hear me?, I don't need you!" shouted the bard in the road.

After walking a lot of days she arrived to Athens. There, she registered but the teachers recognized her and they knew that she once won the first prize, so they gave her a warm welcome and then she found her old friends: Euripides, Homer and Tuttingham.

"Gabrielle!" exclaimed happily Homer "What are you doing here?"

"Why do we have the honor of meeting one of the future muses of the world?" asked Euripides

"Hello! I'm happy to see you…well I came here to study…again" replied the bard hiding her feelings with a soft smile.

After this small reunion they talk for hours about all what have happened in this months. She avoid to talk about Xena, this confused a lot to her friends because the last time she didn't stop talking about her. Finally, Homer asked.

"And where's Xena?" he noticed that he screwed the conversation. The bard sadden a little and finally revealed "We split apart…"

"Do you wanna tell us about this hard separation, that looks harder that a twins one?" asked holding her hands.

"I don't think she wanna talk about it. It seems that is very hard for her" interrupted Tuttingham.

"Thanks" replied the bard softly.

They left the woman's room and let her get some sleep. In the night she promised not to cry but it looked like her eyes weren’t listening to her, because they began the routine again.


In the jail, Xena woke up with renewed hopes, Herc's security made her feel better.

Herc saw all the story about the crime and ask help to some of his friends and people he knew Xena had saved. He examined the case and knew that there was hope, a small one, but it's the only thing they needed.

The elder set the trial to take place the next week. The week gone fast, and in the morning the soldiers arrived to chain Xena and take her to the court.

When she arrived she saw many known faces, but also she noticed some sad faces and that was the faces she was worried about because they were from the family of the people she had killed.

Hercules acted as her lawyer and told all the people:

"I know this woman, she has saved my life many times, she have saved many people's lives and she has saved the world a lot of times too; she's here under her own responsibility. She wasn't arrested. No, she came here by herself. But, I can't judge her for her past mistakes, the past is a very powerful enemy, an enemy she has tried to forget, well not forgetting, she has tried to make good things for every bad thing she has done…" he looked he was convincing the town. Then was the turn of the elder and he remembered the town all the pain she had caused, but he agreed with Hercules that the past is a very powerful enemy but not invincible.

Hercules told the people about Callisto. About all the times she had saved him and all the times she had helped him. After hours of debating and convincing people, he called some persons Xena had helped. She recognized Phalemon, the King Gregor and many people like that. She even recognized the father of the baby she rescued when she was still evil.

" You may see here many important people, but I'll go with one of the simplest people, this man. He lost everything against an army, in this case Xena's army, but she wasn't ordering it; no, that was her Liutenant Darphus. He killed a lot of people, women and children, but when she arrived she saved a life. The life of his son. And this was the first step for being good and she's still doing it. She’s still helping the others and as a conclusion I can't judge someone for her past mistakes, a person who has changed for the greater good"

After his emotive speech every people in the hall was crying. Some of them because they didn't knew the whole story, others, because of the memories of her good deeds and others just because.

The elder asked for the final verdict and he wasn't surprised that the people yelled 'Not guilty', "Well Xena, this saved you from being in prison forever, you are sentenced to one year only…"

Xena's face lightened "Thanks" she said with a small smile

Then Xena was taken again to the prison. In the jail Hercules visited her immediately.

"Thanks for all the things you said about me and for making your promise" smiling the warrior.

"No, thanks to you to saved me a lot of times I owed you that!" exclaimed the big guy.

"Thanks, I don't know how to thank you this Hercules " replied the warrior almost crying.

"Well first you must continue with the good road, and then you must recover a little blonde" said laughing.

"That's gonna be very difficult, even impossible…" looking to the ground.

"What happened?" asked the hero.

Xena finally told him the whole story, since the day the bard left to Potedia.

"Xena what the hell were you thinking?" asked angry Hercules.

"I told you."

"Well that wasn't the best way to tell her, you lied to her."

"Yes I know."

"No, I don't think you know. I would kick your ass, Oh boy, this is gonna be very difficult!"

"I told you Herc maybe it's finished forever!" exclaimed the warrior between tears.

"Thanks Xena for your trust. Don't be worry I'll help you" said the hero holding Xena's hands.

After this, Hercules left. He must know where Gabrielle may be. Xena told him that maybe she'll be in the amazon land, Potedia or Athens. He investigated and discovered that she was in Athens. He couldn't go to see Gabrielle because Xena warned him "I don't want her to come back with me for mercy or compassion. I'd hate that"

Xena waited for Hecule's news and he arrived as he used to do once one or two weeks.

He returned with great news he has found Gabrielle.

Xena stayed in the town for some days, then she gave an apology to all the people of the town, and gave thanks for their compassion and mercy. Hercules returned with great news. He had found Gabrielle!

"Hercules what's up? Did you found her?" run towards him desperately.

"Yes, she's in Athens" replied happily.

"I knew she'll be there!" exclaimed happily the warrior "How's she?"

"Wait a second, (he breathed heavily) she's fine for the things I have heard, she's studying there and she seems to be fine"

"Great!" she said happily "I don’t' know how to thank you all the things you've done!"

"I told ya, recover that little blonde" said Hercules hugging her friend.

After this they both said good bye.

The weeks passed very fast. Xena didn't know what to do. She was inside a jail and she couldn’t get out of there. She just saw quietly the sunrise and the sunsets through the bars of a small window. To kill time she just made some exercise. She was used to do this, but after this activity, the rest of the time was thinking about the bard.

"Get up" said a soldier out of the prison.

"What...what happened?" asked the warrior a little bit sleepy.

"You don't remember? Today you're free!" said the soldier puzzled.

"Today?! I can't believe it" exclaimed happily the warrior sitting up.

"Hello, today you'll be free as you know for your behavior" said the elder entering to the jail. "Prepare yourself"

"Thanks" said Xena almost crying.

Xena stood up and got close to the door. Finally she got out of the prison, she closed her eyes and breathed heavily, happy of finally breathing fresh air. Then she felt the sun in her body, she was a little bit pale and dirty; then she turned to the elder. "May I stay here for a few days?"

"Of course" replied the elder


Xena stayed in the town for some days then she gave an apology to all the people of the town, and gave thanks for their compassion and mercy


Xena went for Argo and rode to Athens. She was a little bit far from there so she didn't stop in the nights. She was just thinking of holding the bard, but she didn't knew how she'll tell her how sorry she was with out making her feel compassion for her.

In the night, she arrived to the Athens City and she prepared a speech to convince the bard. She waited until the morning. She stayed all the night awake. She hadn't seen the sun rising since she was arrested. Since the days before all that disaster. She prepared herself. Her heart was pounding so hardly that she thought it may explode. She went to the Academy an asked for a word with Gabrielle Bard of Potedia.

"And you're?" asked the woman in the entrance.

Xena didn't want to tell her name and just said smiling "A fan, an admirer…"

The woman went for Gabrielle who was in a class.

"…And the soul of the restless broke and she only found an eternal emptiness that will never be filled again" said the bard solemnly and all her classmates clapped to her.

"Gabrielle, I remember when you came for first time here. Now your stories have changed. Now they are… how could I say it…sad, dark…Why do you are performing that kind of stories?"

Gabrielle said seriously "because that's the way I feel…"

"Sorry" said the teacher "Is there something I can do for you?"

"Thanks" said the bard smiling slightly 'but no one can help me', she thought.

A woman entered to the classroom "Gabrielle Bard of Potedia someone is looking for you"

"Who?" asked the bard wondering.

"Well I don't know, she said she is a fan" replied.

"She? How's she?" asked the bard. Presuming that was Xena her heart filled with anger and she changed her mood from the sad and adorable girl to the angry and hating woman.

"Well…She's tall, dark haired, athletic with a bronze armor…"

"Shit!" interrupted the bard "Where's she?"

"She's is in the garden. Do you want me to tell her that you're not available?"

"No thanks. I must finish this right now. Sorry teacher, may I go?" asked sharply and husky.

"Yes, of course" answered the teacher gently and worried noticing the bard's anger.

The bard got out of the classroom and goes to the gardens. The pain and anger filled all her body. She run and her face frown. She bit her lip and tried to control herself. At the far she spot the dark known figure washed by the sun in the fountain.

"What the hell do you think you're doing here?!" shouted Gabrielle from the hallway.

All the school listened to the fight because the garden, the main garden was in the middle of the building.

"Hello" said the warrior barely audible, she knew this wasn't going to be easy, but her sad face said it all. "I…I came for you Gabrielle"

"Well. Now you think I’m everything you need? Did you find out about your feelings?" asked the bard shouting with a voice a kind rude and sarcastically.

Xena felt that was the way she asked the bard the same thing when she went to potedia "Yes, and…(she breathed) I love you…as I told you I can't live without you", said the warrior almost crying.

"Well you should’ve tried this some months ago! Xena I don't need you anymore. My life is now…normal!" shouted the bard to the warrior's face and poking into Xena's shoulder with her finger.

"I need you", said the warrior sadly and feeling the bard's finger hitting her shoulder with hatred.

"Xena please, don't do this more difficult. You’re dead for me, you don't exist anymore!. Understand that!" shouted the bard again.

Xena raised and downed her gaze. Looking again to the bard she noticed all the pain in her friend's heart and she hated to be the responsible of that. Hurting her.

"I think that's what I deserve. I'll go…I think I deserve this…I hope you have a happy life…I'm sorry", she got out of the Academy and burst into tears.

"Damn Xena! Why did you returned?" said quietly the bard and lowered her gaze.

Xena went to the nearest inn, and with the eyes soared she asked for something.

"Ma'am, what can I give you?" asked the innkeeper.

"Give me the strongest thing…something you'll never give to your worst enemy" replied Xena smiling sarcastically.

The man briought her a drink, she drank it an noticed it was pretty strong. The man looked at her puzzled. "Do you have a tough day?"

"Better say life. Do you still have any rooms?" asked while holding the drink as a sign of 'gimme me another'

"Yes, I have some, but they'll be sold quickly in few days is the competence of the bard's did you know?" asked the man giving her another drink.

"No, I didn't know" replied sadly Xena.

"Do you have a favorite bard?" asked the man trying to be nice and to talk.

Xena sighed heavily "Yes, I have one"

"Are you gonna stay to see the contest?" asked the man giving himself a drink.

"Uh no, I don't think so…" answer the warrior seriously.

"Do you want more?" asked the man.

"Yes please, and give me a room too" the man gives her a complete bottle and the keys of a room.

The hours went quickly. She lost the count of drinks. She was completely drunk. She only gave a signal of 'I'm going right now' "See ya", responded the man amazed after looking at the bottles she had drank. He yelled, "I hope you feel better tomorrow".

Xena turned trying to control her steps and gave him a small but honest smile. When she arrived to her room a crazy idea crossed in her mind.

"Yes!" she said and jumped to the window and headed the Academy.

There she arrived and asked to the guard trying to hide her drunken state "Do you know…whem the contest iz?"

"Yes ma'am is in two days why?"

"Well I wish…to know what need to enter to that contest" pointing to herself.

"Well first you need to ask for a form in a congruent hour…then you need to subscribe and you're in"

"That’s all?" asked the warrior surprised by the simplicity "Yes. And.. a for a better presentation, don't come drunk"

"Thanks…mister", said the warrior and returned to the inn.

The idea was crazy but it might work. She couldn’t do anything else, so she put all her hopes in that last try.

In the morning she awoke. She was surprised that she returned in one piece. Her head hurts a lot. It bumps from one side to another. She control that pain and returned to the Academy.

"Good morning!" exclaimed the innkeeper.

"Good morning to you!" exclaimed the warrior filled with new hopes, she won't give up so easily; she used to be Xena warrior princess, Destroyer of Nations; now she'll fight for the love she wanted so badly.

"You look better today" said the man smiling.

"Thanks" said the warrior running out of the inn.

She waited her turn. After some time, she was there in front of the desk where they subscribe.

"Name?" asked the man with out lifting his sight.

"Xena" exclaimed smiling the warrior.

"Xena? Like the warrior princess"

"Exactly! Like that one" said the warrior.

"Okay, your performance is at night and you're number (taking a piece of scroll there were so many bards wanting a chance that they gave the turns by luck)…23" the man looked at the woman and discovered that she was really, really the warrior princess "Gods! You're, you're really Xena!". She just smiled.

She read the list of participants and spotted a name after ten of her 'Gabrielle bard of Potedia'; she relaxed and prepared the most emotive speech in her life, she put her heart and soul on it.

The day of the contest came and she was totally nervous; she couldn’t believe how this short blonde girl put her in shaking things; she could face an entire army, but she was nervous of performing in front of so many people, specially one person, Gabrielle.

She arrived to the Academy in noon and spotted a known figure.

"Herc!" she shouted. "What are you doing here?"

"Xena! Hi well it's like I have the word judge on my face" said the bug guy while he salute Xena.

"You judge again?! I can't believe it!" said smiling happily.

"And you what are you doing? Where's Gabrielle?" he saw the serious and sad face and immediately asked, " You haven't talk to her?"

"I talked to her…"said the warrior trying to control herself from crying, 'you know? crying is bad for the warrior image' she thought.

"And she didn't listen to you…" sighing and putting his hands on his hips.

"Please don't give me that attitude…" said Xena

"What attitude?.

"The one of 'bad girl, I'll have to kick your ass'."

"This is not that attitude this is one more like 'Tell her the truth or I'll kick you ass'. "

"Okay I got it, don't worry I'm gonna tell her today."


"I'm gonna be a bard."

"You? I can't believe it!"

"Believe it!" said Xena and she spotted at the far a well-known bard walking at the distance. "She's there I must go"

"Okay take care!" shouted Hercules.

Gabrielle went down from the stairs and recognized Hercules "Hercules!"

"Gabrielle!" he smiled.

He told her all the reason of why he was there, his last travel and he tried to avoid about talking about Xena.

The night came and the main hall for the contest was set. Many bards had performed before Xena. Finally the time came.

"Please! give a big applause to our next bard…Xena!"

The heart of Gabrielle stopped, trying to believe that was another Xena and not the Xena: Warrior Princess that she knew although the name was really weird. She began to breath huskily, and she tried to control herself for collapsing in the best way or killing the warrior in the worst way.

Xena arrived to the stage, she stood in the middle and gave a smile for thanks to the presenter; she looked quickly for the blonde-bard, when she spotted her, she smiled gently to her.

"Isn't that Xena?" asked Homer. "Well it looks like the mighty warrior princess" replied Euripids. "Yes, she is" finally said Gabrielle.

"Hello my name is Xena; must of you may think is this the mighty warrior princess? I thought she was taller… (The audience laugh)

Well yes I am, and I'm not a good bard, but I'm here…so I'll have to tell you a story. I used to have a friend who did this much better than me. (She saw Gabrielle with eyes full of love and smiled to her gently although this looked to other side)"

"The story begins when a mighty warrior was tired of bloodlust. She wanted to change all her past mistakes. She found a man that taught her that it was better to fight for a greater good than for glory. After that she decided to change her life and buried her weapons in the road. She found the person who would change her life forever. A simple person who would teach her more than she could imagine, many lessons about friendship, justice and life. (She saw that finally the bard turned to see her)

She was a young girl with a strong desire for adventures and danger. Without noticing it, she became my best friend, the person for whom I would give my life. She became an Amazon. She had no clue of weapons (laughing) but she had a code that was "I hit, you kill". She didn’t like the idea of killing and that was a little confusing because everyday we were facing the death…I don't like that idea, I don't wanna put her in risk because I love her" (she saw Gabrielle's face softening a little)

"That’s it, I hate myself every time I hurt her, every time I caused her pain; every time I forced her to do things that would hurt her (sniffling a little she controlled herself. The audience was totally quiet listening every word of her)… Once I promised her that even in death will be together, but I couldn't bear that promise. The past is a very powerful enemy and when we think is buried forever it rises again. I must hurt her one more time, but I didn't notice that this was the limit and she left me. I don't know how to explain her why I did that; neither I can tell her why I chose that solution. The only think I can tell you (looking directly to Gabrielle's eyes) is that I love you and I can't live without you."

(The audience noticed the talk without words between Xena and Gabrielle, the warrior noticed this and a sudden blush covered her body although she continued)

"I tried, but I realize that I can't, that simple. It's something so elemental as the air I breath…I beg for your pardon, please I know that maybe you'll be hating me right now. You told me that I was dead for you…but it seems that I return from the Tartarus that is being alone…Please forgive me. It's the only thing I ask you. Maybe our friendship can't be the same but I'm only asking you one more chance. Just let me be your friend again…Please"

After this everyone began to cry a little, Xena finally stopped controlling herself and a tear run trough her face. 'I love you' she muttered.

Gabrielle was sobbing, she stood and approached to the stage, smiling she said barely audible "Stupid warrior". Then she hugged her friend. Everyone muttered a soft "aww". Xena held Gabrielle strongly and felt her heart and their own beating at the same time.

"Let's give a loud applause to Xena: Warrior princess" said the presenter sniffling.

Xena made a reverence and got out of the stage with the bard at her side.

"I'm sorry Gab…" she was interrupted by the lips of her friend, she finally got the touch that she had missed so badly.

"You'll need to explain this Xena" said the bard between tears.

"I love you Gabrielle…" the warrior said softly looking at the green pools she had missed, she cupped her friends face and their lips met again. The bard deepened the kiss. She didn't like to admit it, but she had missed the warrior a lot. They went to the gardens to wait

"Gabrielle I need to tell you the truth. The reasons why I did what I did" said the warrior holding the bard in her arms.

"Talk" answered Gabrielle holding Xena's hands "but tell me, why did you didn't tell me when you came the first time?"

Xena sighed "I was arrested…"

"You what?!" asked the bard frowning her face.

"Shhh let me talk" the bard nodded and the warrior continued "they judged me for killing many people when I was still…evil…I knew I couldn’t escape…so I didn't want you to be there…"

"Why? I thought we have promised no more secrets…" interrupted the bard looking sadly to the warrior.

"I knew that I'll be declared guilty…I knew you'll stay with me (smiling to the bard), but I have hurt you too much and I didn't want you to waste your life visiting me in a jail"

"I won't be wasting my life…", said the bard lowering her voice.

"Yes you will…so I thought about what to tell you, but the things got out of control and I had to tell you all that…(sniffling with the memories). Later I was lucky, Hercules helped me to get out of there and I went looking for you…"

"It must be very hard." holding the warrior's hands tighter.

"Yes, but I didn't want you to return with me for compassion…but after a big hangover I made the perfect plan"

"So you enter to the contest" smiling "Yes, I don't care if I win the only thing that matters is you…"

"Shit!" said the bard slapping to her own forehead "What?" asked the warrior surprised.

"I forgot it's my turn on the contest"

"Let's run!" said the warrior and they ran to the hall

"Gabrielle Bard of Potedia second call!" shouted the presenter.

"I'm here", shouted the bard from the main door.

"Well finally let's hear to Gabrielle, a big applause for her" said the presenter.

"Sorry for the delay" apologized the bard with a funny smile, Xena sit in front of the stage almost at the end.

"I prepared a story about drama, pain and loneliness…but I can't tell it because I don't feel like that anymore. So I decided to change my story. I didn't planed to do this, but there's nothing else I can do. Right now I sing of friendship, I'm not singing about heroes or adventures neither gods or legends…

I'm just singing about love and friendship.(smiling and looking to the warrior)

A love and a friendship I never imagined, at the beginning we were strangers, after some months and battles together we became friends, then we became best friends because we shared every minute of the day together, but for me we were soulmates…and that means more than life. She is the best person I know, she is compassionate, caring, helpful, and always looking for the greater good. She never gives up and she's always trying to make me feel better in the worst situations. (Xena saddens remembering everytime she had hurt her)

We have many troubles, and the worst thing is that I know that they are only beginning, because everywhere we go there'll be trouble and that's something I can't avoid.

We just have overcome some obstacles, but I know they'll be more. (looking directly to the warrior) I just wish we can talk as best friends as the friends we once were…this is gonna be very difficult but I want to be your best friend again…and I won't give up that idea. I'm just asking (you little warrior) that we could trust more in each other, no matter what will happen, promise me that we'll never going to lie each other neither hide things.

It's gonna be difficult, but I know we'll overcome this. I can't tell you why, I just know it.

I know that the consequences of out travels are high, but I don't care (smiling softly) I don't care if I'm with you.

I don't care risking my life…because I know it's for the greater good…"

"But I care", interrupted Xena sadly and standing up, the entire public watched her puzzled.

"I just can't risk your life, not now…"

"As I said, I don't care about the consequences. I want to find my way, I want to find it…Before I met you my life was empty. Now I feel…I don't how to said this but, now I feel much better… I feel useful."

"Gods! What are you saying? You've been always useful, since the beginning, because you made me find my way…with out you I'll be lost" exclaimed the warrior from the back smiling warmly and gently.

The chat between the bard and the warrior have captured the audience because this was real no legend, no myth, and also because it was a whole new experience.

"Lost?" asked the bard smiling warmly.

"I used my time for being a bard, and I said all the reasons because I'll be lost with out you (smiling nerviously) so I don't think is convenient that I spoil your bard time" after this she sat down.

"I don't care the problems… I'm gonna be with you because that's what friends do, they support each other in good and in bad times. That's the true core of friendship. A friendship sometimes I don't deserve (looking the warrior about to interrupt her again she made the look of 'don't think about it warrior princess!') but sometimes I deserve, and I think the balance is perfect for a relationship to go on…". After saying this Gabrielle didn't know what more to say and saw the warrior sitting up.

"Thanks for your attention", concluded the bard making a reverence and looking to the heart broken audience.

"A great applause for Gabrielle bard of Potedia, that has gave us something different in this contest" said the announcer almost crying again.

The warrior went out of the hall and go to the gardens, she noticed that the bard followed her.

"Beautiful" said the warrior almost audible.

"Thanks said the bard smiling" she sits beside the warrior and saw sad face on it. "What? What happened?" asked worried the bard.

"You said so many beautiful things that I'm not…"

"Of course you are."

"No, many things I don't fit in" replied sadly the warrior doing a big sigh.

"I decided that you fit in that categories" said the bard holding Xena's hands

"Thanks" replied the warrior kissing her friends hands "Thanks for all. Do you really think that we can be again best friends?" asked Xena a little bit scared.

"Of course, if we put all our hopes in that" hugging the warrior soflty.

Xena looked to her friend's face and smiled warmly and happily as she hasn't done it in days.

"I love you Gabrielle" said Xena softly.

"I love you" replied the bard getting closer to the warrior until she stole a kiss from the warrior a sweet, gentle one.


After many hours of listening many bards they went to the party in the main hall in few minutes they'll listen the winners of this contest.

"May I have your attention please?" asked the presenter. "This has been an awesome contest, we have found new bards, and bards that have returned with impressive skills...we wish we could give the first prize to everyone, but you know that this is a contest and because of this we are gonna proceed to the final ceremony.

Have the judges count all the votes and give your personal opinion?"

"Yes" answered the most popular judge, Hercules, standing up "We have decided that the best bard of this year is..." the silence fell and lot of faces full with hopes just listened the winner "Xena: Warrior Princess!!"

All the crowd shouted a lot of hurrays; Xena never thought this, she was quite surprised and Hercules invited her to go up and say something to the audience, she hug Gabrielle and go to the stage.

"I..." the crowd said nothing "I said I was a bad bard, but it seemed that you liked them...i don't know what to say just Thanks"

Everyone shouted and Gabrielle smiled toward her friend, they come down from the stage.

"And the second place is for...Gabrielle of Potedia"

Gabrielle go up the stage and say something deeper than Xena's "Actions speak louder than words, I hope you all found something new in your hearts...also i hope that you all give thanks to be alive and to be happy..." everyone clapped and then Hercules continued to name the list of winners.

"Are you mad?" xena asked a little bit ashamed.

Gabrielle sent her the 'Who me' look "No...why ? cause you came here, interrupted my life, got me embarrassed in front of the whole academy and won my prize? No I'm not"

Xena just sighed with a playful smile "If you measure the things you could see that you win more than you lost"

Gabrielle smiled at the comment, tried to look serious "And what do I won?"

"Is that a rhetorical question?" answered the warrior arching her eyebrows.

"Could be" the blonde teased.

The warrior smiled more, the bard waited for Xena to say something "Well... you have won a beautiful warrior princess at your entire service...with many skills included intelligence as well...and as bonus eternal love"

Gabrielle chuckled and poked Xena in the chest "You are so arrogant!"

"Yeah and you're a little bit aggressive!...But I like it!"

"Hey Girls!" Hercules shouted from the other side of the room.

"Hey yourself" answered Xena "I want to know if you decided to give me the 1° plaze or it what happened?"

"You won...we all liked it...and it seemed a good trade, now half of the know world know that you are a warrior mushball and a truly lost lovesick!" he patted her on the shoulder.

"One word an i'll kill you!" xena threatened.

"You can't I'm half god"

"Yeah demi-god...poor little boy!" she concluded.


"I think it's a good trade...a price for your reputation!" Gabrielle teased, Xena hugged her stronger "Well we'll se my little bard!"

"I think I'm gonna let you alone, take care" Hercules said and extended his arm for a handshake, Gabrielle smiled an hugged him "If sometime this stoic, idiot and arrogant warrior tells you not to tell me something, don't listen to her....or you'll see"

Herc was surprised about the order "Promised" he just said with his eyes wide open.

"Thanks big one" Xena replied, and hugged him, he just smiled and kissed her forehead. "See you both on tomorrow's party" after he said this he left.

"Hey who are you calling stoic, arrogant and idiot" Xena asked narrowing her eyes and arching and eyebrow.

"I'm calling you...." Gabrielle answered answered.

"Explain yourself" the warrior asked smiling.

"You can't figure it?" Gabrielle teased.

"Nope, I have no idea" she continued putting herself the serious mask.

Gabrielle hugged Xena and put a kiss on her cheek "Stoic, because although you are laughing out loudly inside you try to hide it...arrogant because you know you are drop dead gorgeous and you use it...and idiot because you never tell me how you feel..."

" the picture" Xena said as she kissed the bard's forehead.

They arrived to the inn, ordered some food and continue their chat on Xena's room, the walk upstairs and entered to the dark room, the warrior lit the candles and put the food on a table; then she gave the bard a chair and then she finally sit. The spent some hours taking and eating, chatting about everything they have done, and having fun with some memories. The chat began to die and kisses filled the silence. They kissed, and the heat between them grew significatively, suddenly Xena was on the bed with Gabrielle on top of her.

Xena began to lose control of herself, everything was a little bit cloudy, she was breathing sharply. Gabrielle was a little bit insecure, but she also lost control. The little part of logic that was left on Xena's brain stop her 'Hey you want this to be special not on a horrible inn...tavern...but gods she's beautiful...come on focus yourself...don't lose it now...but how I can't lose it like this....'

Gabrielle's thought were a little bit more complex 'Xena stop...why do you want her to stop?! You have waited ages for this...but what if i don't do it right...what if she's disappointed....'

"Ga...Gabrielle wait..." Xena said holding the bard's face.

Gabrielle was taken aback and her eyes began to fill with fear, she got down from the warrior and sit on the bed. Xena saw the fear on Gabrielle's eyes and smiled warmly then she put a hand on the blonde's cheek "Gabrielle, I want this to be special...not here..." 'Although it will be very, very special anywhere warrior' the bard thought smiling, but with a slight fear on her eyes.

"Also, I'm not know I love you completely, but this is new for me...we have been like this for a week at most!" the warrior said giggling at her own sentence.

"You know it's also new for me..." said the bard giggling too.

"You have fear, don't you?" Xena said seriously, cupping the bard's face.

Gabrielle felt herself caught but hey this was Xena, her best friend so she decided to talk "Xena I'm...I'm not ready...not you said we have been together for what 5 days? "

"Nice way to avoid my question" Xena teased with a small smile.

"I'm not avoiding...well's just that...well...I uh..."

"Gabrielle don't have to be know that I love you...and I'm willing to wait for you anytime you need." Gabrielle just nodded and said "Thanks"

Xena kissed her on the forehead "I want to wait because I want to make it the most important day in our lives...but you are scared don't say not because I can see in your eyes...why? Come on tell me..." they sit on the bed holding each other hand.

"Xena I'm are well known all over the world for having a lot of have experience...but I'm...well... you know that Perdicus was the only one which intimate.." she was blushing furiously a squeeze on her hand help her to keep on "So I think I won't be able to please you as you are used to..."

"Gabrielle...what you say it's true" at this statement, the bard's eyes began to fill with tears, she tried to stand but Xena stopped her. "Let me finish...yes it's true that I had a lot, and I mean a lot of persons in my life.... But I never loved any of them like I love you...sometimes I was just in the mood, or attracted...I love some of them but no one, and I emphasize no one at level I love you..." a single tear ran though the bard's face; Xena clean it and continued "And it's also true that it's gonna be different with you... it's gonna be great because we love each other...we have this precious feeling, and we have overcome all the obstacles we have had."


Gabrielle smiled and Xena mirrored that smile "so my bard, let's get some sleep 'cuz tomorrow it's gonna be a great day"


The warrior hugged the blonde and both fell sleep quickly.

In the morning Xena awoke before the bard she was nuzzled with the blonde that was using her as a pillow.Suddenly two green eyes met hers, she bended and put a small kiss on her lips.

"Morning Sleepyhead"

" long have you been awake?"

"Not much...I was truly tired..."

"Yeah me many things that happened in this days..."

"Let's get up, what do you want to do? Go shopping, show me the place, what?" the warrior asked simply.

"Hmmm I want to show you my favorite place" said the bard smiling almost humanly possible.

"Alright, let's eat take a bath and we're going. OK?" said the warrior standing up, and pulling the bard with her.

Xena went downstais and ordered a bath for both of them, she also ordered two breakfasts and a bottle of wine, after that she went to see Argo, she entered into the stables and saw the mare eating. The mare greeted Xena and get closer to get a touch from her owner.

"Hi girl! I miss you too" said the warrior caressing the face of the mare "You know Gabrielle it's with me again, can you believe it?" the mare seem to answer her.

"You always knew...isn't? You are the smart one here...well we are gonna spent some days here...have to go I promise tomorrow I'll take you to a long ride ok?"

After her chat with her, she went again to the inn and entered to their room there was Gabrielle waiting for her.

"What do you want first? Eating or cleaning?"

Xena thought some seconds until her stomach made some noises "Hmmm....I think eating wins!"

They ate breakfast and then they went to the bathroom and spent some minutes playing on the water as usual.


To be continued…