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The Bet


"Well again our fabulous warriors are in a new adventure," wrote in a scroll the bard while speaking in loud voice; "ugh, please Gabrielle this is the most boring day in all our lives" replied the warrior.

"Well, Xena we canít have always a day full of butt-kicking" replied the bard in a very boring and sarcastic tone.

"Nope, but I think Iím getting roots for being sit all the day" said Xena a little bit aggressive and with a funny face.

"Calm down! Answer the bard.

"Where I was? Öooh Yes!; Our fabulous warriors are again inÖ."; the inspiration of the bard was broken by an irritating noiseÖthe scratch of old steel, like every day, Xena was fixing her sword

"Xenaa!!" replied furious the bard. " I canít focus with all that noise; "Why you donít go with your family or something like that; Iím having a mental block and with your attitude I canít focusÖ youíre only looking the bad things of this situation." replied an angry and blocked amazon bard.

"Okay, okay I wonít act like Iím boredÖagain" said Xena with a small an ironic smile and continue. " I think itís a good idea the stuff of visiting my mother I havenít seen her for a long timeÖcan you take care of yourself?"

"Xena thatís a joke, isnít?" ironically answer the bard.

"Hmmm" pronounced the warrior while she raises her eyebrow.

"Xena please; I have fight at your side you for almostÖ. Mmm five years!; Whatís happening with you?!" asked the amazon bard.

"Itís just that I donít think you can care take of yourself for a week neither live without me" said Xena with a wicked smile.

"Wanna make a bet?" asked the Gabrielle with an eyebrow raised.

"How many dinars do you want to lose??" asked the mighty princess with a wicked grin.

"XenaÖwhy donít we better bet something more interesting?" answer the bard now with a wicked grin.

"Mmm like what?Ö What do you suggest?"; answered the beautiful warrior with a surprised face.

"If I win you must do everything for me forÖmmm 1 month; what do you say?" asked innocently the bard; "looks reasonable but what will you give me if I win? ÖThink it a lot because Iím gonna win"; answered an extremely secure warrior.

"IÖI may be your slave for a month; but donít be so secure. I wonít be your slave, not in your life, not in my life! " Answered with small smiles in her face.

After all the discussion the warrior and the bard agreed to the bet if someone loses the loser will be the slave of the winner, then the warrior marched toward Amphipolis. The day looked beautiful, the zephyr sky crossed the sun with small clouds. The warrior close her eyes and thought in her infancy, she could see herself playing with her brothers, she opened the eyes and smiled like an answer of her vision.

She walked with her faithful mare at her side and wandered " What would Gabrielle will doing now?"

In the other side of the town there was the wonderful bard, plotting about what she can do to win the bet; she smiled and said " So you think I canít be independent for a week, letís she who depends in whom"

The first day passed Gabrielle was attacked by a couple of thieves but she got rid of them quickly "first success!" she thought.

Xena camped in the night and she was a little but disappointed she had a peaceful day, no battles, no thieves, no fun "Great! Iíll die of boring!; If GabÖno, I can survive without her I made the bet I canít lose" she raised her eyebrow and said quietly "ButÖI can see her week without letting her see me, thatís a good plan and with that I would have a slave for a month, je, je, je. "


The next day the warrior arrived to Amphipolis, she went to the inn where she knew her mama would be.

"Mother?" she asked in the entrance of the inn.

"Xena!" answered her mother happily "By the gods, what a beautiful surprise, but what are you doing here and whereís GabrielleÖhem is everything Okay?"

"Yes mom, like always youíre worrying about me hmm?; I came to visit you" said Xena while she was hugging her mother.

"Iím very happy of seeing you here and alive and you know youíre always welcome" Said Cyrene hugging her daughter.

"Thanks mom" answer Xena.

Like something they havenít done in a lot of time the two spend all the day drinking and talking like the best friends in the world. After a few hours of talking and drinking Cyrene finally said what she want to ask since her daughter arrived.

"Xena I wonít get mad if you tell me the true, about your visit" said Cyrene while taking more wine in her cup.

"Mother, Everything is okay, well almost" said Xena a little dizzy and mumbling a little.

"Oh please Xena is very weird to see you here with out Gabrielle" answer the mother with a incredulous look.

"Okay you win" said Xena between giggles " As matter in fact Iím here because I made a bet with Gabrielle.."

"And that was?" asked impatiently Cyrene, and made some movements with her hand as a sing of continue.

"That she canít be independent one week, and that includes no help from my side; and if I win; If I can prove that sheís not ready to be independent sheíll be my slave for a large and busy month" said the warrior with a wicked smile.

"Well, Iíve heard what she bet, but you? Xen" asked Cyrene anxiously.

"If she can survive with out me Iíll be her slave, well not that exactly, Iíll do everything instead of her" said Xena with her eyebrows rise.

" mmm interesting bet, but I think that youíll be her slave if you lose, but I canít figure by myself why you came here?" asked the mother again.

"The other part of the bet; I have to let her live by herself a week and if I help her or spy her I lose" said the warrior looking the sad face of her mother ". But I also came because I missed a lot my mom and I really want to see her; and if you donít believe me tell me for which person I will get drunk" said the tall woman between giggles.

"Okay I believe you; I think itís getting late why donít we go to rest, tomorrow will be a very busy day!" exclaimed Cyrene a little bit drunk.

"Busy?" asked the warrior a little worried.

"Yeah youíll help me in the inn; we havenít had many clients in this days so I have a job for you" said Cyrene with a smile more evil and wicked than Xenaís.

"Mom youíre worrying me" answered Xena

"No more than what you usually do for me" respond Cyrene a little bit sarcastic.

"Okay mom you win" answer the defeated warrior.

After that the two stand up of the table and Xena tried to get up with out stumbling but she failed; three steps and another stumble after this she focus in the ladder and she made her way, Cyrene was in the same condition but fortunately no one gets hurt.

In the night Cyrene heard a noise downstairs, she called many times in the room of Xena but she didnít respond, she thought that Xena was so drunken that she didnít worry about answer the knocking.

In the forest a body appeared running as fast as her body can; and she jumped into a tree for saving some time from here she can see a Thrace something lead her to that place.

She caught her attention in a familiar shadow, yes she was Gabrielle; in that moment Xena thought "itís not bad looking a little bit" still drunken she canít focus her sight as she wanted, and she slipped down to the floor.

"Whatís that" Gabrielle asked to herself, and she looked something weird in the forest but she acted like if it didnít mind." Hmm it seems we have a tall, dark intruder" thought to herself.

Xena prayed for all the gods in the mount Olympus to make Gabrielle donít notice her but she get a relief when Gabrielle keep forward "ufff that was close" she whispered.



In Amphipolis Cyrene woke up and called for breakfast Xena didnít answer, she worries and then she opened the door then she saw a very hang-over Xena laying in the bed with the worst position she could ever have.

"Xena wake up" cried Cyrene and holding her for awakening her" Iíve never seen you like this I think this time the wine was a little bit strong. Donít you?"

"Oughhhhh what day is today" said Xena between mumbles.

"is the day of getting up and began to work" answered Cyrene with a mischievous grin.

"Aughhh mother I think Iím gonna get sick" said Xena with her hand in her lips.

"Xena please get up Iím going to make you some tea and youíll feel better" said Cyrene softly" I canít remember when was the last time I saw you like this"

"Like what?Ölike a piece of shit of the mighty warrior princess" said Xena with a sarcastic grin while she was rubbing her eyes and feeling her head like smashed with the wall.

After this little problem they get breakfast what was something difficult for Xena because her headache wonít let her live for a while. But she survived until her mother show her new job; Cyreneís inn wasnít being good because when many people arrived the service was terrible so Xena worked as cooker, something that Cyrene ask her only once because she remember her cooking skills, so she preferred that Xena clean all the inn, after she cleaned all the place from the floor to the ceiling, Xena helped her with the clients; no, no the way youíre thinking, she help the clients with their traveling stuff, she cleaned their clothes and she protect them; after a deadly day Xena remembered her fall of yesterday, and remember that that night sheíll go to spy Gabrielle again.

In the night she tell to her mother that sheíll go to sleep because she was awesomely tired, her mother looked at her in a suspicious way because; her daughter never ever get a nap before midnight. But she didnít mind she remember that Xena was there for vacations not for being her slave.

In the back door Xena waited until her mother go to the kitchen and then she called Argo, and jumping into it they head to Thrace; then in the forest she let Argo there then she walked to the village she could hear the voice of Gabrielle next to her so she jumped to the nearer ceiling.

From the ceiling she could see the bard talking to many people the amazing stories of Xena the warrior princess, Xena smiled and stay to listening the whole story after this a man asked the bard why is Xena was her best friend she wasnít with her?

The bard answered calmed and happy "Well we made a bet, she promised me to let me prove her that I can be independent for a weekÖ"

"And what will happened if she disappoints you or if she fails you?" asked a child interrupting the bard.

"Well I would be very hurt because the friendship, is bases in trust and in the truth" before the bard can end; Xena felt like she had been hit with a rock because Gabrielle was right and she felt bad of lying to her best friend after these she get off of the ceiling but she forgot to shut up her cry.

"AlalalalalallaalÖshit" said Xena

"What?" Gabrielle heard the famous battle cry of Xena and go to the other side of the building, first she thought it can be her imagination but then she saw the prove of the crime a pair of foot boot prints.

"Hmmm so spying my dear warrior princess? Youíre really in trouble" whispered the bard to herself with a wicked grin.


After that adventure Xena thought that Gabrielle didnít notice her; and running on Argo they head to Amphipolis, she arrived to the inn and jumped to the window of her room after these she take a bath and get into the bed, thinking of how bad friend she was. The remorse couldnít let her sleep in all the night the next day Xena prepared a surprise to her mother because she felt like if she had betray her too; first she didnít kept her promise then she lied to her mother.

So she cleaned the entire inn, she cooked a magnificent menu, and then she make something for having more clients, she sang.

When her mother woke up she was really surprised she handled the entire inn by herself also she get more clients than she could, also she cooked. For someone that have many skills cooking was not her best but she prepared something awesomely delicious, after this Xena hug her mother and tell her lie.

"Xena I knew it! That was the reason of why I put you to do a lot of things the next day I donít like the idea of lying to each other; Iím your mother I have more experience than you."

"I think youíre all right, Iím sorry" said the warrior honestly and gently.

"Never mind Xen, but youíve to make a lot of surprises when you pass here" said Cyrene hugging her daughter. "But why are you already sad?"

"I lied my best friend, Gabrielle, and she trusted in me I have to tell her how bad I was" said Xena sadly and with a serious face.


The next day Xena said good by to her mother, her mother give her some food for the travel and the good bye started.

"I know this is silly...but are you proud of me?" asked the warrior with her best innocence face.

"Always, everyday of my life" respond her mother hugging her as hard as she could.

"Mother I promise to come to se you more often" replied Xena while she waved her hand on Argo.

After all the see youís, the farewellís and loveís the warrior head to Thrace; and she arrived to the gate she rose her eyebrow with a worrying anxious trying to find the bard; she entered to the inn and then she found her the sweet bard was telling a story to the children and to the people there.

Gabrielle recognized the warriors steps and prepared her revenge, she finished her story as if she hadnít noticed the presence of the dark tall woman; " So this is the story of my best friend; a friend that I love a lot, and a FRIEND that really knows the meaning of friendship, the confidence and TRUTH. With a higher voice." the bard ended and a lot of claps sounded.

She turned to the exit and she saw Xena she indifferent and innocently said " Xena by the gods whatíre you doing here?" asked while hugging the warrior tightly.

"Look everybody this is the friend that Iíve been talking all the days, this is the mighty warrior princess, and the best friend Iíve ever had" the bard said with a strange and wicked smile; and with emphasis in the last words.

Xena stood there feeling herself very low while all the people were clapping at her; she stopped all the tribute and said "Gabrielle we need to talk"

Gabrielle acting a surprise answer "Of what? What happened"

"I needÖ to tell you that I lost IÖ I came to spy you all the week... and Iím sorry because I failed you I betrayed your trust and I deserve to lose the bet we made" said Xena with affliction in her face.

"YouÖHow you could? Son of a" reclaimed Gabrielle with anger on her face, her face was as red of anger and her death-killing eyes as aiming against the warrior princess

"But suddenly she said okay, relax, itís okay, everybody calm". She breathed deeply as a response that she was getting calmed and then she cried "Iím gonna kill ya!"

Xena put her best innocent and sad face that she had been practicing since yesterday and said softly "Iím sorry"

Gabrielle showed her soft side and forgave Xena "Okay I know you maybeÖMAYBE you have your own reasons to do this but this made you lost the bet" Laughing she said " The mighty warrior princess will be my slave for a month this is great"

Xena resigned to her destiny and accept the responsibility of her actions and she began to be Gabrielleís slave. In the morning she made breakfast, after that she amused her, then she folded all her scrolls, after that she gave her all her savings for using them in the city, they went to Athens, they stayed in a inn, then Xena invited her the dinner; and this was only the beginning in the night Xena was exhausted, she went to take a bath and tried to relax herself but in the moment she was about to fall asleep Gabrielle called her for go for some water. She made this only for making feel Xena a little miserable and angry.

After all these duties Gabrielle finally asked, "Howís your arm?"

"Well its bett do you knew my arm was hurt?" said Xena rising an eyebrow.

Gabrielle forget that Xena didnít tell her this and tried to escape from the warriorís interrogatory "Well I saw that your arm is hurt, when you hug me in the inn, yes in the inn" said Gabrielle with her innocent face.

"Well thatís weird because my arm healed before I came here, but maybe youíre a guru" said Xena sarcastically." And now Iím becoming some kind of oracle" and approaching to her friend with an angry and wicked smile.

"Why?" asked Gabrielle with the voice cut with nervous and trying to get of the way of the warrior princess.

"Because Iím seeing a little cute irritating blonde bard in big, big troubles" said Xena while she caught the bard against the wall.

The bard escaped from the wall and then she approaches slowly to the door.

"RunÖbecause youíll die my dear amazon princess, but the meaning of friendship is confidence and truth." Imitating Gabrielle, cried the warrior while drawing her chackram.

"Okay Iím sorry, I just wanna give yaÖa lessonÖhey why Iím running you spy me, that showed that you donít believe in me neither in my skillsÖXena stop aiming against me, Iíll take that as a no. Xena step back. I said step back. Iím serious. I donít like to hurt youÖehh neither I get hurt. Please Iím sorry"

"You little son of bachae, you knew I was spying you. Cracking her own hand bones. And you made all this act for making me feeling bad" said Xena red with anger. ""

"Xena stop this Iím really sorry iÖdo you remember when I want to go to the Athens Academy of performing Bards?" asked Gabrielle paled of the warriors sight.

"Yes my now dead bard. Why?" asked the warrior stepping toward the bard.

"Because now I think I should go there" after these the bard ran away the inn looking back to make sure that the warrior wasnít following her, in the woods she stopped and sighed "I never think Xena will be so mad" but in that moment something interrupted her rest.

"But I wasnít mad, now I am" said a voice in the other side of the woods it was the warrior princess holding some of her hair.

"Xena pleaseÖFORGIVE ME!" said the bard trying to make her best play going down in her knees and begging for her life.

"Ran" with out thinking it the bard followed the orders of the warrior.

"Iím gonna be very entertained trying to caught her" whispered Xena to herself..

The End.


Xena chase Gabrielle from Thrace, to Amphipolis where her mother tried to convince her of stopping this menace, but Xena didnít mind after that she follow Gabrielle to Thesaly, Tripoli and finally to Athens.

In Athens Gabrielle beg Xena of mercy and finally after a lot of time wasted in trying to caught Gabrielle, Xena finally found her and make her an horrible punishment against her; the bard have to write one thousand times in her favorite scroll; "Iím sorry, I would never try to benefit with my best friends sorrow; the mercy, lovely and mighty warrior princess"; after that Xena also won a slave because despite that she spied the bard. Only for lying Gabrielle deserved a month of being the slave of the warrior princess.

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